Lesson #193 “All things are lessons God would have me learn.”

by rell


Lesson #193 “All things are lessons God would have me learn.”

God does not know of learning.
Eh-Gad, after having learned to learn…
(Now it is merely unlearning…LOL
God Will’s His Son be happy.
Eternally open and limitless in Him…
Eternal and ever gaining exploration…
Eternally opening up to joy!.

God sees no contradictions.
Yet, his Sons, us, sure think He does.
And in order to know God
We need some help
From One Who can help our errors.

God does not perceive.
Yet God gives us the means
For our awareness of Him.

“All things are lessons God would have us learn.”
God’s Will reflect all of these lessons
As they reflect only love.

“Forgive and we will see this differently.”

We can tell when we haven’t got “it” yet.
Is when we can see other’s faults.
And other’s failure to learn these lessons.
Can we still perceive pain as real?
If so, we just haven’t quite got “it” yet.
This unforgiveness lurking in the mind
Remains in denial ‘til we learn these lessons
God would have us learn.

We will “attempt” to overcome the 1000
Seeming obstacles to peace in just one day!
As we practice today
Let us think over all the things
Saved up to settle by ourselves.
Keeping them apart from healing.
We will give them all to HolySpirit, (Page 90 prayer)
Who knows how to undo all the consequences.
Truth is HolySpirit’s message
Truth is His teaching
HolySpirit has the lessons God would have us learn.

The lessons God would have us learn…
There is another way to look upon everything.
That will give us another step towards Him,
And to the salvation of the world.

“I will forgive and this will disappear.”

These words are the key
That will open Heaven’s gate
Bringing the Love of God
Down to earth at last
To raise the love up to Heaven.

God will take the final step Himself.

“I will forgive and these hatreds will disappear.”

*** love…rell

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