ACIM lesson #199 “I am not a body I am free.”

by rell


lesson #199 “I am not a body I am free.”

There is so much more to our minds
Than there is to our bodies.
The mind has no limitations.
The body is a limit.

Whether we are in a body or whether we are not
The body has no limitations on us or our minds.
The mind is free, when it knows what the body is for…
When the mind no longer sees itself as a body.

Yes, this body this mind is in, has a purpose…
But it is not who or what we are.

The body has very limited use by HolySpirit,
Although the mind that serves HolySpirit
Is unlimited in all ways…
Even unlimited beyond the laws of space or time.
This mind when serving HolySpirit
Has the strength and power to do what it is asked.

Attack thoughts cannot enter such a mind
That has been given to the Source of love.
Fear can never attach itself to a mind
That has attached itself to love.

Declare your innocence and you are free.
The body disappears…because we have no need
Except the need HolySpirit sees.
Here the body’s usefulness is for what the mind must do.
It is now expected to be the modality
Which helps forgiveness be according to God’s plan.

Cherish this idea today.
Practice it today and everyday.
Let this be a part of every practice period.
The HolySpirit is the home of the minds seeking freedom.
We who sought freedom found it in HolySpirit.
The body’s need is merely unambiguous…
The body is now perfect to serve an undivided goal.

We are made in an image of God.
We are His Son, and as such
We are as spirit such as is God.
As spirit we will live in immortality forever…amen!

*** love…rell

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