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January 26 2004 at 8:21 AM

Jack  (Premier Login hyak)
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Response to That "other" chair at Hyak.

You are lucky, you were in line.  I was lucky enough to be sitting on the chair during the breakdown and by the time I got off my leg was numb from my hanging snowboard.....  I sure hope they get that piece of crap chair in working order. I don't remember any other year where it has had so many mechanical problems, or actually I don't ever remember that chair having mechanical problems before this year.

As far as the Dinosaur chiar, it was originally designed to go forward and backwards. In 1971 some woman had her ski come loose and wanted the operator to reverse the chair so she could fix her ski and in doing so the chair went out of control. I guess it had something to do with too many people loaded on the backside compared to the frontside and the result was by the time the chair was stopped people had been thrown off, once person was injured serious.  The chair operated until somewhere around 1988 when it was then considered to need too much $$$ invested to keep it in proper operational order and was shut down.  Also, PakWest was going through another lawsuit at that time having to do with a ski racer who lost control and hit a rope-tow shack so money was not plentiful.  Here is an article on the 1971 accident that was printed in 1972.

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