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Dino Blues

January 26 2004 at 11:14 PM
Johnnyboy  (no login)
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Response to Re: Thanks!

I rode that chair back in the 70s. There was a sign right on the bottom that warned people the chair could go backwards and forwards.

The story (as told to me by the ownership at the time) was that the lifty had backed the chair down, as per plan, but got a little distracted. When that happened the chair started going faster than planned. They threw the emergency brake into the system to stop it (people were starting to go around the bull wheel). When I say "throw" the brake, I do mean throw it, as it resembles a large bar most closely (and by the way, I've been up in the gear shacks at Baker, and the system is pretty similar). Anyway, this caused the chair to stop VERY suddenly, which sling-shoted the people on the chair. Have you ever noticed how long some of those spans are? The chairs could hang really low some times.

The reason that Ski Lifts Inc. (Owner of the summit areas before Booth Creek bought them) never has run the lift is because right before their first season of operation (as new owners), they examined the lift and found that the upper ramp was collapsing. By the time they could have fixed it, it had been so long since it had last been run that they came up against additional requirement in the Washington State laws governing trams and lifts. Essentially, use it or lose it. The reason the lift stays (rusting away) is that the EIS laws treat existing lifts differently than a new one.

Clear as mud right?

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