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Re: Consider the possibilities . . .

January 7 2006 at 9:26 PM
Yamaha  (no login)
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Response to Consider the possibilities . . .

Booth Creek is currently very involved into the upgrades at Northstar@Tahoe. I have been there recently and I was amazed at the growth($'s)that is being put into the area. If I'm not mistaken the financial reports were posted here showing just that. A whole lot of competition at the Tahoe area. The elite will only be seen at the resort for the "elite". BIG BIG money is at stake. Luring the crowds in California is a must. I think once these improvements are made and pressure is off from the bean counters they will invest more into secondary assets such as Hyak. Tahoe is well on there way to another record season.$$$$$$$ With any luck this will be a banor year for us also.$$$$$$ Lets start with baby steps and all contact management about brush cutting,parking lot grading,opening Fridays Etc. Just my 2 cents worth! Remember to have fun and smile. Thats all thats really important.

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