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Issues with TAS

January 9 2006 at 11:21 PM

Jack  (Premier Login hyak)
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Response to Can't we all get along?

The only real issue I have with TAS is the line cutting, but more then that is the fact that the leaders of TAS obviously need to sit these kids down and run the rules of the hill by them. No jumping off the lift, no cutting in lines, watch below you, etc. I'm used to them taking the face, that's not a big deal to me because there are plenty of other areas to go, but they just need to be respectful of others...... It all starts at the top and if these kids have no respect for other skiers on the mtn then maybe the leaders of the group need some lessons themselves in respect for others. If the folks running the show (TAS) would just tell them not to cut lines, or whatever else they may do then I feel much of the problem would be resolved. It just boggles my mind that this issue never gets resolved year after year.

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