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The obvious issue . . .

January 12 2006 at 12:42 AM
Anonymous  (Login cyclical01)
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Response to Alpental Racing Team

As stated in the "Face Race" parallel thread the obvious issue is that Hyak is only open a couple of days a week (i.e. the weekend). To have a significant portion of the better terrain monopolized by any group is just not right. It would be one thing if Hyakers had the rest of the week (or nights) to get their fix. Then TAS (or whoever) could say, "big deal if we use the slope one or two days"; but the fact of the matter is they can't.

The corallary issue is the poor condition and lack of skiable terrain caused by years of neglect at Hyak. If the TAS folks were up there over the off season cutting brush, that deservs high praise, but it is obvious you could only have made a negligible impact. Simply put, if there was more room everyone could have a shot, but again, that is not the case.

As for the "public" putting their money where their mouths are: we do! To the tune of almost $50 bucks a ticket on the weekend!!!!! Of course the "we pay for our lanes" rhetoric is not really any less a form of snobbery than the "I paid for my condo so I could have my own little backyard playground" variety. And it certainly doesn't absolve anyone from following the rules of the hill. Yes, I read my lift ticket and expect everyone else to as well.

Basically I attribute all of it to a facility in need of strong leadership. They may be the bastard stepchild of the California properties, but do they have to act like it??? Frankly, I am simply appalled by the total lack of professionalism displayed by just about everyone working at the Summit. The offenses are numerous: lift ops sleeping in the control room up top, no one checking tickets or controlling the lines (but god forbid you have the temerity to keep your pack on when riding the lift), poor food quality all around (and would it hurt them to clean the bathrooms once in a while?) - the list goes on.

Numerous people have suggested writing to Booth and I strongly encourage all of you to do so (as I am). Let's direct the anger and frustration where it belongs, rather than at each other!!!!!

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