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May 24th Update

May 24 2006 at 12:36 PM

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Response to May 22 UPDATE

Barring unforeseen circumstances, WSDOT intends to open Chinook Pass at noon on Thursday, May 25. This site will be updated quickly should the opening schedule change.

Once the pass is open, travelers from the north and east can access the White River entrance to Mount Rainier National Park off of SR 410 coming from Enumclaw or Yakima, and make their way to the White River campground and the Sunrise Visitor Center. The Stevens Canyon Road entrance at the southeast entrance to the park is also scheduled to open Thursday; visitors can then access Stevens Canyon from the southeast via SR 123/US 12 and on to the west side of the park.

Snowfall was much greater than last year in the area; workers faced snow 25-30 feet deep in some places. A 500-square-foot roadway washout two miles east of the Chinook Pass summit complicated matters. "Everyone had to pull together this year," said Casey McGill, WSDOT regional maintenance chief. "We know how important getting the pass open by Memorial Day is to the public, and it's a matter of pride for us. Maintenance, construction, and contractor crews had to coordinate their work and cooperate with one another to make it happen this year." McGill added that crews feel a sense of reward when the pass is opened. "Our folks love the feeling of watching that first group of vehicles cross the pass, smiling and waving. It makes all the hard work and long hours worth it."

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