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December 2 2007 at 5:08 PM
hyaker4life  (Login hyaker)
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Response to Murray Latta

This thread keeps coming back...the reason the dino chair stopped running is because parts were hard to get...yet it seems interesting that those parts were found and used during the Pac-West era, despit the costs. It was not until the area sold to the Moffets and eventuall to Booth Creek that the maintenance ended on the chair. It was a few years later that the ramp in Hidden Valley collapsed. I believe it was the 3rd year that the lights were removed to "light" a trail at Alpental/ What I rememeber of the days of Pac-west were a full ski area, inexpensive lift tickets, a full lodge and bar and generally everyone who was involved...from ski school to ski patrol, to a race progam were having a great time.

During Pac-West's tenure it was anticipated that the Dino Chair would be converted to a Riblet as they were pretty much state of the art at the time (this was before detachables). I find it interesting that people still point fingers at Pac West... They did not take out the lights, mothball dino, cut hours of operation, not maintain the parking lot, close the bar, etc etc etc. What they did do...add lights for the back trails...which were not there prior to Pac West taking over...they added Snowmaking equipment for the lower hill, they operated until 2am on the weekends, they purchased one of the first new generations of groomers at a cost of $110,000....they had 2 huge parking lots with full time attendants, they had a huge ski school program, THEY BUILT THE STATES FIRST MAN-MADE SNOWBOARDING HALF PIPE...with lights and music for night time fun...etc etc etc. The state of Hyak today is a direct reflection of the Moffets ownership and eventual sale to Booth Creek...nothing more and nothing less. For those of us who were at Hyak during the time of Pac-West, I do believe you would be challenged to find fault with them...maybe the days prior were even better...but no one can say that Hyak has improved since it was sold by the Pac West group!

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