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March 25 2008 at 12:03 AM
Johnnyboy  (no login)
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I know your job entails hoards of people pulling every which way on any given subject, and I feel for you. I would like to interject into your process a plea for increased safety.

As you may know, one of the lifts at Snoqualmie West lost a chair while it was operating last week. This drives-home the need to replace many of the old lifts... but without Forest Service approval of the SOPA, the area operators cannot "do the math" and decide which lifts to do when. Should they expend their limited capital on lifts designated for removal, resulting in less funds available for New Lifts?

So while the Forest Service Deliberates, The Summit Vacillates, and the Summit's Customers suffer with unreliable, outdated, and (in some cases) completely inoperable equipment.

This is a less-than-optimal use of Forest Service Land, which is so close to a major metropolitan area, and could (and should) be enjoyed by many of its citizens. Does it make sense to risk the safety of these citizens simply to satisfy the interests of a relatively small number of people who rarely (if ever) visit the area?

The Summit's Plan is very reasonable and modest proposal, and the tens of thousands of Summit Customers deserve better treatment by the Forest Service than the endless delays and counter-proposals that they have experienced over the past 10 years or so.

As a long-term customer of the Summit myself, I plead with you to allow the Area Operators to update and expand- SOON! I do not wish risking my own health nor the health of my friends and family (especially my 10 year old son) to the ageing infrastructure... and that risk is not necessary. The old lifts CAN and SHOULD be replaced, and the area operators should be able to plan for the future with some small shred of certainty. A seasonal business (like Snow Sports) is hard enough.

Thank you,

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