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Team Alpental....

December 13 2010 at 10:59 AM

Jack  (Premier Login hyak)
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Response to throw TAS off hyak

If they want to be Team "Alpental" I've always said they should be at Alpental. The problems with those little monsters (and I know it is not all of them) always starts from the top, those running the program. Alpental snobs consider Hyak an armpit and give the area little respect and it showed. If the program continues, those in charge need to tell the kids that TAS needs to set an example on the mountain of courtesy and respect. A TAS race team indirectly represents the ski area and should be going out of their way to be respectful to pass holders but this message has not been sent down the line and it shows by the repeated slamming of their group every season.

Just because someone pays $$$$ for their kid to be in a race program does not mean they can disrespect the season pass and day pass holders. TAS makes no money for the ski area when looking at the big picture. Ski schools and season pass holders would be bringing in far more money then a handful of TAS racers.

The only good thing about seeing TAS on the mtn this season would be because it means the lifts are running. I'll do my own self police policy when necessary but other then that I'll just try to have fun.

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