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From the head

December 13 2010 at 12:49 PM
just plain tired  (no login)
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Response to Team Alpental Snobs

Old saying in business and life..."fish stinks from the head"...the kids are not really the has been the instructors...since as a kid you would be obliged to follow the direction of the instructors or risk being kicked out.

I have seen instructors lead their group of jumps...hmmnnn is TAS a freestyle program? NO. I have seen instructors lead their groups down crossover trails at racing speed...hmmmnn do alpine events occur on crossover trails...NO I have seen instructors bomb into the lift line and push their way through the line with their group of racers following speed lift loading a World Cup event...NO

So to the gentlemen...who accuses the people on this forum of rudeness...I believe what you are seeing is a response to many years of frustration. Many of us have talked directly with the instructors...only to get paid lip service. Many of us have complained through the proper no avail...I believe our cup has runneth over and we are hoping that someone, somewhere will hear the concerns of the public and set some rules...for the instructors.

I do not blame the kids...I blame the instructors...'cause "the fish stinks from the head"...maybe with new instructors...will come a new attitude...

Lastly, if I were to do some of the things I have seen the instructors do...I believe I would lose my pass.

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