Nope, Just Had To Think Of Newer Ways To Beat You.

by King Gojinn {-Outsiderz-}


Gojinn struggles to escape the hold, and isn’t doing very well in ways of escaping it. His earlier match with Deadblood had taken it’s toll. Jack is really bringing Gojinn to an end tonight. Gojinn sees the ropes, but knows they’re of no help. He reaches for them though, hoping to use them a second way. He pushes up, holding Jack on his back, and shoves them out of the ring! Jack lands against the mats head first, and cries out, but doesn’t budge. Gojinn is knocked silly by the move, but needs to escape the choke, and uses all his remaining energy, and the crowd to fuel his momentum, and go flying into the ring post, driving Jack spine and neck first into it!!! Jack releases the hold!

J.R: What a way out!

King: Haha!

Coach: That’s the King for ya!

J.R: Jack nearly had the match right there.

Coach: Oh please.

Whilst the commentators argue over the outcome of the match, Gojinn climbs to his feet, holding onto the ring apron for support. Jack is holding his back in pain, but still manages to get to a vertical base. Gojinn rolls into the ring, and turns to Jack, who’s trying to make his way in as well. He walks across the ring, and holds the ropes, to stay on foot, but sees Breaker make his way in, and quickly makes his move. With Jack E. down on the mat, Gojinn ran in and dropped a stiff elbow onto his spine! Jack cried out in pain, and Gojinn took to the offensive, locking his legs under the right armpit of Jack and around his neck, and pulled on the arm, trying to pop it out of joint!!! He chokes down hard, trying to knock Jack out right here!!!!


Jack is gonna tap out! Jack is gonna lose right here! The King will win!

Coach: Do it!

King: Go King go!

J.R: Oh come on! Stop being so damned biased!

Coach: Like you rooting against Gojinn isn’t?

Gojinn locks it in as Jack reaches for the ropes, trying to possibly pull himself up to a standing position! He grabs on with one arm, and gets a knee under himself, and then pushes up, harder. He’s on his feet now! Gojinn is hanging upside down! Breaker lifts Gojinn up with both arms, AND WITH UNCANNY POWER AND DESPERATION, WHIPS GOJINN OVER THE TOP ROPES WITH A POWERBOMB TO THE OUTSIDE! GOJINN LETS THE HOLD GO, BUT NOT WITHOUT PULLING BREAKERS THROAT AGAINST THE TOP ROPE!

J.R: OHMYGOD! What a move! What a counter! Well…somewhat! These guys are great.

Coach: Much better J.R.

King: Yeah.

Posted on Jan 2, 2006, 10:10 AM

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