by ???

Shane, smiling still (And, impossibly, even wider), heads back up the ramp and through the curtain, sure of a massive boost in paycheque by the end of the night.

But as Shane passed through the curtain and stepped into the backstage area, the smile that he wore, faded as he came face to face with a leather clad Viper who stood smiling unnervingly at him with a mic in her hand and the Undisputed title gleaming over her shoulder, waiting for him. Shane's eyes took in the champ and then regarded the cameraman that stood to one side, transmitting the feed live throughout the arena

J.R: "Viper?? She isn't scheduled to appear till later for an interview"

King: "So she's here now. How many times do I have to tell you that Viper can do whatever she wants, whenever she wants?"

J.R: "Be that as it may, why Shane?"

King: "Shush and you'll find out"

"Hello GM Lestat" Viper grinned lowering her mic as she gave Shane Lestat the once over, then uimpressed at what she saw, Viper raised the mic to her lips again and looked directly into his eyes. "Just as pathetic as I remember"

The fans burst in "oooh's" and chants of "owned" as Viper took a step forward and forcefully pushed Shane's mic to one side as he tried to respond

J.R: "Viper better becareful, Shane is the Aggression GM"

King: "Shane Lestat should be careful, Viper is not the champ for nothing, she's also one of if not the most volatile superstars ever"

"Yeah yeah, I know who the hell you are but then you forget who the hell I am. Oh right, according to you i'm just an egotistical maniac. Don't think i've forgotten what you called me and what you said not too long ago..let's see if I can quote it"

On the tron's giant screen and on several of the backstage monitors, footage of the the confrontation between Shane Lestat and Viper blazed as the camera kept rolling..

"But then comes the problem. Viper, like the egotistical maniac she is, came out and just decided that she could bring Myst with her. Who gave her the power to do anything of the kind?

"Who gave me the power? I gave me the power you slimy little bastard!" Viper snapped, leveling her menacing gaze at Lestat, staring a hole right through him as her handn tightened around the base of the mic "..And i've got to tell you, I did not..and do not...appreciate it "

King: "Agreed, Viper is a lady and she's the champ! GM or not, Shane Lestat owes her that"

J.R: "I'm getting the feeling that in Viper's mind, Shane owes her something and she's here to collect"

On the screen, the fans watched as Shane Lestat visibly became more defensive and prepared to pull rank, but at the same time, his eyes searched the area for reinforcements. Seeing the reaction that she was having on the gm, Viper's lips curved into a deceptively polite smile.

" But you know Mr. Lestat, I am an easy going girl and i'm really a caring individual"

J.R: "Viper a caring individual!?"

King: "She didn't stutter"

J.R: "No but the only person Viper cares about is well, Viper"

"I''m not here to cross any line" Viper smiled again, watching how Shane's body relaxed just slightly "I'm here to cross them all!.."

No sooner did Viper make that statement when she tossed the mic towards Shane's face and as the Aggression GM moved to intercept it reflexively, Viper shot a kick into Shane's gut then caught him around the head and drove him to the floor with a Stunner!



J.R: "What a woman!"

King: "?!?!?!?!?!"

But the Stunner wasnt the end of it as Shane lay on the floor of the backstage area, Viper drove boot after boot into the GM, stomping at him till a group of referees came running causing Viper to back away with a very satisfied smile on her face. The fans continued to erupt with deafening cheers and chants as Viper thrust her arms into the air, one of her hands holding up the Undisputed title as she vanished through the commotion when more people came out to see what was going on.

Through the growing crowd, emts were dispatched to check on the GM while the Dwf cameras were cued to quickly cut to a video package.

Posted on Feb 18, 2006, 10:05 PM

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