Crush under a rock? Didn't we already use that line?

by The Emerald Flame


Joe quickly slips under the bottom rope, bringing the chair with him and grabbing another from the front row. Joe grabs one in each hand and hits both the fallen Outsiderz with a jumping chair shot to the head. Joe pops back up and lifts the Godsend to his feet, and together they lift up Gojinn and double spine buster him onto the top of the barrier!

Coach: Ouch, I felt that one over here

J.R: mumbling I wish

Irish Style leave Gojinn on the ground, clutching at his back and gritting his teeth, to focus on the big man Rage, Gen holds his arms behind his back as Joe reaches under the ring and pulls out a bottle of Jameson, slamming it hard over Rages head, showering Rage with glass and alcohol. Generation X throws the werewolf back into the ring and slides in afterwards, lifting the big man up in a powerbomb position, as Joe leaps up onto the top rope and comes jumping off, hitting a side effect as Gen brings Rage down the powerbomb!!! The crowd starts up another HOLY SHIT chant as Joe goes to cover Rage. 1…..2…- And Gojinn comes in out of nowhere with a chair, stabbing Joe in the back with the thin end of the chair, causing him to break the hold, and turning and hitting Gen in the stomach, following up the hit with a big DDT on the chair!!

J.R.: Just when you think one of these teams is down, they come back to prove you wrong!

King: I don’t know how much longer they can last! This is just harsh.

Coach: They’ll last however long they have to!

Posted on Mar 27, 2006, 3:48 PM

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