Only There's No Knight In Shining Armor To Save You =P

by King Gojinn{-Outsiderz-}

Gen X is pissed!! He stands up, but little does he see, that Gojinn is in the corner crouched and ready to attack!! He held the rope for balance, he head and body throbbing in pain, but the adrenaline kicked that for the moment, as Gen and Joe hang over the ropes, screaming at the ref and Rick! They slowly turn around to attack Gojinn, BUT HE’S ALREADY SPRINTING FOR THEM, AND NAILS THEM BOTH WITH A GUT WRENCHING WRATH OF HELL SPEARRR!!!!!(Edge Spear)

All three men lie motionless! Gojinn is lieing on his face, making it harder to breathe, while Gen X is in a twist of himself, hanging on the bottom rope partially, with Joe lying on his back!

Gojinn tries to move, but can’t, the pain suddenly catching up. Rage is being helped out by Rick, and he seems readier than ever! Gen pushes the half of his body that is hanging on the ropes, off of them, and breathes heavily, pulling himself up. The Emerald Flame is doing the same, and that’s when the crowd goes wild! Rage is up! Rage is in the ring!

The Crimson Tear and Emerald Flame begin moving quicker, desperate for footing! Gojinn is on his knees, and grinning! Rage tears into The Emerald Flame, shooting him into the corner! Gen flies at Rage trying to take him down, but Rage simply crouches down, and lowers his shoulder, hitting a vicious Samoan Drop as Gen flies up onto his back!

Gojinn intercepts a mobile Joe, and keeps him in the corner, smashing his shoulder into his gut every few seconds. Grinning, and satisfied with how Joe screams on contact, Gojinn lifts him to the top rope. The big man is sitting on the top, and Gojinn goes the point where he pushes Joe to a standing position on the top rope!! Gojinn climbs to the middle, and eyes the chair still lying out!! GOJINN TURNS SLIGHTLY HOLDING HIS ARM AROUND JOE’S HEAD!!!HE LINES UP JOE AND HIMSELF ENOUGH TO LEAP OFF AND DRIVE HIM HEADFIRST INTO THE CHAIR, ONLY RAGE HAS DRAGGED GEN TO HIS FEET, AND THE CRIMSON TEAR DESPERATELY SHOVES RAGE INTO THE ROPES!!!!

Gojinn falls over the top rope after losing his balance, and Joe drops right onto his family jewels!!!

Gen X bounces off the same ropes, grabbing Rage’s head, and bulldogs him! Rage is down, and Gen goes for the cover, but the big man kicks out instantly. Both men climb to their feet, and Gen quickly drops hitting a fireman’s carry! He grabs Rage’s head, and locks in a sleeper hold on the beast, making him cough and sputter for air. Gojinn moves very little on the outside, while Joe is on his back on the inside, clutching himself. Rage is rolling onto one knee now, pulling Gen up with him. The Crimson Tear locks in the move harder, trying to choke Rage out. Rage wraps an arm around Gen’s back, and then stands, quickly falling back and dropping him onto his back, and breaking the hold!!!

Joe is up, dizzy, but up!!! He’s got the steel chair, and he’s raising it high! He brings it down toward Rage, but he kicks it up, cracking Joe in the face! Rage stands up quickly, completely off balance now, and tries to strike Joe, ONLY JOE CRASHES THE CHAIR INTO RAGE’S HEAD SUCCESSFULLY THIS TIME!!!

Both the Outsiderz are down now! Gen is struggling to his feet, but gets there, and grabs Rage with Joe, standing him up!!! They look to be ready to double team him, and Gojinn is standing outside!!........

[Sorry for the wait =/ ]

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