Before you bring down the axe... any objection to us dropping a hammer?

by The Demon Lords


The house lights dropped as Godsmack's Straight Out Of Line began blasting out over the PA system. Three men stepped out as Pyro began to erupt on stage, columns of fire shot from the ground as the lights came back on in the form of white strobes. They were clad in black body suits, each one adorned with an inverted blood red cross. It took Rage only a moment to realize that these three men were all people he knew, in varying degrees. While Jeremy Nottingham stayed back in the walk down to the ring, both Nobody and Crymzon Payne moved at a brisk pace down to ringside.

The first person to attempt to head the trio off was Rick Astin, along with sidekick Frank. Nobody and Crymzon looked at eachother, then to Nottingham, who smirked before driving a left into Astin's forehead, leaving Crymzon and Nobody free to begin circling the ring.

JR: What the hell are they doin out here?? They have no business here!

King: Well, Nobody does have business with Rage, since he is number one contender for the Hardcore Championship now.

Nobody and Crymzon slid into the ring from opposite sides and eyeballed the men in the ring. Irish Style was already beginning to recover when Crymzon launched himself at Gojinn with a forearm to the jaw and Nobody lashed out with a stiff hell strike into Rage's chest.

Posted on Apr 5, 2006, 7:04 AM

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