I say the Outsiderz are goin' to own Irish Style

by Rage(Outsiders)

Gojinn came in and forcin' Joe to his feet, exchangin' several rights and lefts with the Emerald Flame before the fresher Gojinn unleashed with a fury of fists and chops that drove Joe to the corner where he was worked over even further before Gojinn pulled him out and whipped him towards Rage and plowed right into the big boot that Rage had lay on the top rope. Rage held onto Joe as Gojinn made his way over, but as Gojinn strode back, he saw the Crimson Tear up on the apron and drilled him with a cheap shot, knockin him back down onto the floor below!

Jr: What the!??! The Outsiderz have absolutely no regard for the rules!

Jl: I don't think they really care about rules The Outsiderz have been dominatin' the tag division for a reason and that's because they will annihilate all the other teams to be the top dogs.

In the Outsiderz corner, Rage continued to isolate Joe, holdin' the man with a reverse headlock and pepperin' him with huge blows to the chest from the soupbones that were his fists Gojinn joined his partner by deliverin' a series of body shots then nailed him with a kick to the gut and followed with heavin' Joe over with a snap suplex! Gojinn hooked Joe's leg and went for a pin,



Joe's shoulder shot up and Viper called for an immediate break, goin' as far to get in Gojinn's face and threatenin' to call for the bell. Gojinn glared at her in response and dragged Joe towards the Outsider corner where he executed a Cross Knee Back Breaker Hold and Rage suddenly came off the second rope with an Elbow Drop!

Jr: Things are not lookin' good for Irish Style

jl: You can say that again, the Outsiderz are animals!

But as the Outsiderz started to celebrate by each placin' a boot on the Emerald Flame and tauntin' the crowd, the crowd suddenly exploded with cheers as the Crimson Tear greeted the Outsiderz by flyin' from the top turnbuckle with a flying double clothesline that took both Outsiderz to the canvas with authority!

With the Outsiderz down, Viper readied to hit a count as Gen threw Joe over Gojinn.




Gojinn let out a snarl and shoved Joe off of him as Viper was orderin' Rage back to his corner while Gen got back to his and held out his arm for a tag.

Posted on Apr 23, 2006, 10:17 AM

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