Who is the Worlds Superior?

by Jack E Breaker (Intercontinental Champion)

The Emerald Flame is the first to move as he sits up then swings himself around onto one knee, then to his feet. A groggy Jack E Breaker rolls onto his front and presses himself onto his hands and knees, and Big Joe grabs his head, pulls him back up onto his feet then pulls back and fires a powerful closed right fist straight in the face of the Worlds Superior, sending him staggering backwards and falling back against the ropes. Joe hones in on Jack and throws a wild straight right hand to the face that catches Jack flush on the chin but before he drops, The Emerald Flame pushes Jack’s head back then smashes his chest with a stinging knife edged chop, dropping the Intercontinental Champion to one knee whilst clutching his chest and gritting his teeth. Joe grabs Jack by the wrist, whips him against the ropes and catches him in a waistlock but before he can be lifted, Jack fires vicious right fists into the right eye of the challenger, then rake the eyes of the tenacious bastard, forcing him to release the hold and Jack fires a left hook that connects straight to the jaw, followed by a strong right hook that smashes into his opposite side and drops Joe to the mat.

Jack stumbles backwards and leans against the ropes as he watches Joe get back up onto his feet through blurred vision. Breaker seems to have underestimated the toughness of The Emerald Flame, who is able to use his body to pin Jack against the ropes before the rather groggy Intercontinental Champion can fire a fist. Joe releases the clinch and fires a European uppercut up into the jaw of the Worlds Superior, causing his head to snap back violently. The challenger has full control of this match and he grabs Jack by the ponytail, ripping the band straight off as he pulls Jack to the centre of the ring and drops him to one knee with a big right hook across the face. Joe grabs Jack’s head and tries to shove it in between his legs but Jack pulls himself back and rises whilst firing up a huge right uppercut into the jaw of Joe, sending him staggering backwards into the corner. Jack gets back up onto his feet and Joe sprints at him with anger in his eyes AND JUMPS UP WHILST EXTENDING HIS LEG UPWARDS AND DELIVERING A POWERFUL YAKUZA KICK, HIS BOOT SMASHING STRAIGHT INTO THE FACE OF THE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION AND FLOORING HIM.

Jack E Breaker lies eagle spread and motionless on the mat after having his brain rattled by that devastating blow. The crowd are in shock and many of them are suddenly nervous about their bets, but are still able to cheer Joe on anyway as the Emerald Flame stands over Jack then drops to his knees and delivers several vicious right hands to the face of the champion. Joe then grabs hold of Jack’s right wrist, stands up and scissors it as he falls back, trying for a Cross Arm breaker but Jack instinctively grabs hold of his right wrist with his left hand and spins his body as Joe falls onto his back, now finding himself in between Joe’s legs. Instead of looking for a better ground position, Jack is able to get back up onto his feet and he falls back against the ropes, desperately trying to shake the cobwebs away. Joe is quick to get back up and he charges at Jack, slamming his fist into Jack’s face with a jumping straight right, then grabs Jack by the wrist and attempts to whip him against the ropes, BUT JACK REVERSES AND CATCHES JOE, REACHING AROUND HIS BODY AND LIFTING HIM UP WHILST SPINNING HIM AROUND AS HE DROPS TO ONE KNEE AND DROPS BIG JOE ACROSS HIS FOLDED RIGHT LEG, PERFECTLY EXECUTING A BEAUTIFUL TILT A WHIRL BACKBREAKER. Joe looks to be in agony here but Jack doesn’t stop there as he rolls his opponent off his knee, flips him onto his front THEN JACK SITS ON THE BACK OF JOE, RIPS JOE’S HEAD OFF THE MAT BY HIS HAIR, APPLIES AN INVERTED FACELOCK WHILST HOOKING THE ARM, THEN LEANS BACK WHILST SQUEEZING BIG JOE’S NECK AND PULLING HIS UPPER BODY OFF THE GROUND, APPLYING A DRAGON CLUTCH TO THE EMERALD FLAME.


The crowd are going absolutely crazy here and The Emerald Flame is in some serious trouble. You can see the pain on his distorted face as his neck is cranked, his back is torqued and his ribs are being pulled apart. The Worlds Superior sits comfortably on the back of the Celtic Warrior; an arrogant smile now formed on his face as he calmly waits for the inevitable. Joe is slap dab in the centre of the ring and his fingertips touch the mat, but it’s not enough for him to move even an inch. The pain is absolutely excruciating, but it’s the fact that there’s no way to escape that forces him to surrender the fall, and he taps out frantically on the mat, submitting to the Worlds Superior. Jack immediately lets go of the hold, and the crowd respond with a mixture of cheering and booing as the Worlds Superior takes the lead in this Ultimate Submission match.

Jack E Breaker walks away from his opponent and calmly leans back against the turnbuckle as Joe brings himself up onto one knee whilst clutching the back of his neck with his left hand. Joe defiantly looks into the eyes of the Intercontinental Champion with a piercing, rage filled stare then bursts into a sprint at the Worlds Superior, only for Jack to drop down and execute a Drop Toehold that trips Joe and sends him falling face first into the second turnbuckle pad. An adrenaline filled Joe is quick to get back up, but before he can turn around he is pinned against the turnbuckle pads by his shoulders, and Jack thrusts up his right knee straight into the spine of the Emerald Flame, causing his face to distort and his teeth to grit, refusing to give Jack the satisfaction of screaming. Jack fires up a left knee, followed by another right knee that slams into the exact same spot then fires a stiff right fist into it, slamming his knuckles into the point of weakness. Big Joe suddenly snaps around and shoots in, trying to hook the legs of his opponent but Jack drives his right elbow downwards in between Joe’s shoulder blades, dropping him to one knee then JACK APPLIES A DOUBLE UNDERHOOK, LIFTS JOE UPSIDE DOWN THEN DROPS DOWN INTO A SITTING POSITION, SLAMMING THE EMERALD FLAME DOWN HARD ONTO THE MAT WITH A TIGER DRIVER.

Joe arches his back off the mat in pain before rolling onto his front and lying there, and the Worlds Superior gets back up onto his corner. He flicks his hair over his head and waits patiently for his opponent to get back up onto his feet. The Emerald Flame is a tough son of a bitch, and he grits his teeth, taking the pain as he brings himself onto one knee. Joe then gets back up onto his feet and he turns around, AND JACK SPRINTS IN HIS DIRECTION AND LEAPS UP, LOOKING TO DELIVER A FLYING KNEE TO THE FACE, BUT BIG JOE INSTEAD CATCHES JACK ONTO HIS SHOULDERS, THEN FALLS TO THE SIDE AND BRUTALLY DRIVES THE HEAD OF THE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION INTO THE MAT WITH A DEATH VALLEY BOMB.

The crowd respond with deafening cheers and the arena is split in half with chants for both men, with the Emerald Flame fans trying to rally their hero back to his feet and the fans of the Worlds Superior along with gamblers trying to do the same. Both men are on the mat, Jack E Breaker lies motionless, wiped out by the Death Valley Driver and Joe is moving but slowly, weakened and in pain due to the assault on his spine…

Time Elapsed – 12.21

Time Remaining – 17.39

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Posted on Aug 14, 2006, 6:35 AM

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