When fighting an opponent you must flow like water and strike like lightning.

by Gideon

Gideon began to slowly get back to his feet. the fans started cheering for and all of a sudden he started getting a rush of adrenaline. The pain he felt suddenly vanished. Rage was the second to get to his feet. Gideon quickly hit the outsider beast with an inzigury.. He looked at Kaly who was still out cold. It seemed that she may have taken herself out of the match with that suicide move. While the Dark Savior checked on the downed Kaly Rage speared Gideon against the cage causing pain to shoot up his back..

Gideon fought the pain as Rage then went to Hit him with a big boot, but before The big mans foot Hit Gideon's face he caught it. Gideon then put Rage in an anckle lock twisting his anckle. When Gideon was satisfied he let go of the hold. Rage started to get back up when Gideon started running up the cage and Hit him with a spinning roundhouse kick off of the cage. The fans were ooohhing and aaahhhing at that move.

Rage didn't stay down for long as he picked Gideon up while his back was turned and guerilla press slammed Gideon to the side of the cage like he was a rag doll. Gideon fell to the mat battered. Rage then started to stomp on the Holy Warrior till he busted his head wide open. The blood flowed out of his cranium like a river. Gideon started to remember when he trained with his brother in the shaolin temple. He remembered when his brother made him fight with a blindfold. Gideon then snapped out of it.

The dark Savior reached into his pocket and pulled a blindfold he used when he trained. Gideon wrapped it around his eyes and head cutting off the circulation of his blood pouring from his head. He then got to his feet. Rage didn't know what the savior was doing and thpought him to be crazy. Rage then went to swing at Gideon but the Holy Warrior blocked it. Rage then went to tackle him again. But Gideon began to concentrate and blocked out all other noicse till the only thing he heard was the Big Man breathing as he charged him. Gideon then moved out of the way and The Outsider beast ran straight into the cage.

Posted on Aug 23, 2006, 5:23 PM

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