the 80's What a shrill pointless decade

by The Emerald Flame

Joe lies on the mat, beginning to show only the smallest amounts of movement. Jack leaps from the rope, crashing his elbow into the Emerald Flames chest. Joe rolls to his side, erupting in a coughing fit. Jack pops back up to his feet, letting Joe cough his lungs out, letting the man tire himself. Jack brings Joe to his feet, but The Emerald Flame doesn't even have the energy to stand anymore, and topples to the ground as soon as Jack lets go.

King: "This is just brutal JR. Jack needs to go ahead and end this"

Jack kicks Joe lightly, trying to draw any reaction from the Celtic Warrior, but Joe is showing nothing. Jack smiles and drops to his knees, grabbing Joe and trying to lock in a submission move, but Joe reverses, flipping Jack onto his back and locking in an armbar!!

Jr: "My God, he was faking it!! He was faking the fall!"

Jack grits his teeth for the umpteenth time that night and starts moving himself toward the ropes, Joe doing all in his power to break, or at least bend, the arm of the Worlds Superior. Jack has almost made it to the ropes, but Joe stands up and drags the man back to the middle of the ring, redoubling his efforts on Jacks arm. The scenerio plays out again, with Jack once more nearly making it to the ropes before Joe goes to pull him back, but Jack manages to hook a leg on the ropes, getting the rope break. Joe releases the hold at the count of three. Jack takes a moment to sit against the ropes, rubbing his arm, but is cut short in his recovery by the site fo Joe running, or more accuratly hobbling quickly, toward him. Joe looks to deliver a big boot to Jack, but the Intercontinental Champion dodges just in time, applying a drop toe hold to the Emerald Flame, giving him a guillotine across the top rope. Jack pulls himself back to his feet, grabs Joe under the arms, and sends him to the ground with a a sit down splash.

King: "My god the tension is killing me!! How long can this match last?!"

(Short, put to the point)

Posted on Sep 6, 2006, 9:17 PM

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