Yeah- Down Lassie. The King Is Here...Bow.

by King Gojinn {-=-King of the World-=-}

I DO NOTTT think this man should be inducted into the HALL OF FAME!

What this ignorant idiot fails to realize is that “someone” has made their way out on stage behind him… standing there!!!

The fans have gone from booing to cheering, and McKain loves it!

Gojinn should not be inducted or even be champion anymore!!!


The King is wearing sunglasses, a white t-shirt with a DWF logo on it, and black warm up pants. He looks down at his white skate shoes, and then picks his head back up, crossing his arms across his chest before grinning. Kevin smiles wider, thinking the fans agree with him, and they just keep going more and more ballistic!!!

Gojinn finally clears his throat loudly, which is picked up on McKain’s mic. His smile fades quickly, and his face goes pal white. He slowly turns around, almost sinking in his shoes, as he sees the face of the King!!! Gojinn grabs him by the throat with a big right hand and pulls him close!!!


Gojinn pushes him back almost a foot, and steps back himself, hitting a toe kick!! McKain drops to one knee, and Gojinn locks in a stand headscissor!! The fans and the people worldwide can only watch, as Gojinn hooks both arms of the GM behind his back, and hops DRILLING HIM FACE FIRST INTO THE STAGE WITH A VILE CRIPPLER KILLSWITCH VOL. 2!!!!

The fans go wild, and Gojinn just stands, and then turns towards the ramp, picking up the mic. He starts down , then stops….

Wait wait wait…hold on.

He turns and jogs back through the curtain!

J.R: Did he just leave?

King: What!?

J.R: Controversial all right...

King: McKain!!

J.R: Poor Kevin just got dropped by our one and only King.



The lights go out, and the ring explodes with golden pyro that slowly rains back down and dissipates in the air. Strobes flicker on and off to the beat of the song, and the fans cannot be calmed at this point. The curtain flies open, and the King of the world runs out on stage, quickly heading to the left side of the stage!! He hops up and down, shaking loose and screaming to the fans, who give him the energy right back! He runs to the other side of the stage, and continues his insane adrenaline rush going, shouting out at the fans…

He turns finally, and walks to the ring, grinning the whole way. Viper, Jack, and Candice step back, as the Undisputed Champion unhooks his belt and steps through the ropes. He purposely walks towards them all and shoves past, climbing up the turnbuckle, and throws his arms up, raising the belt high!!! The fans cheer, and Gojinn hops down quickly following the ropes to the next corner. He climbs up and throws his arms in the air again, screaming to the many fans of the King.

They impatiently wait his speech, as he crosses the ring, and once again mounts the turnbuckle and raises his arms in triumph. He steps down, and glares towards Viper and Jack, who both watch him carefully. The King grins, and hops onto the last turnbuckle, raising the belt high above his head.

Finally he steps down, and stops at the podium. He looks at it, and then throws the belt over his shoulder, before raising the mic to his lips.

[OOC: Cut the music]

Alright, alright, alright, settle down. The King has done it- and you all saw it coming, so let’s get down to it shall-

He stops, and then hands his belt to Candice, asking her to hold it for just a second, before taking the paper off the podium and also handing that to her.


The fans applaud, as he takes the belt back and thanks Candice, as she just stares in shock…

Gojinn raises the mic as some of the fans begin laughing.

What? It was in my way!

So- Hall of Fame, huh? Well-

Thank you. Shit, see I’m all out of order… I didn’t wanna say that just yet. See people, Candice Fairchild has done everything for the DWF!!! She is here tonight to induct the people that deserve to be in this Hall of Fame- into the Hall of Fame, and that…that is why she stands here.

Viper is here because she’s a ruthless person in the ring. Sure she’s a hypocrite when it comes to betrayal and all that- but that’s behind us now! I mean, what’s more enjoyable to watch? Me and her gab back and forth, or her get tossed around like a rag doll by some douche named “The Demon”? The only thing that scares me about that guy is that he thinks he’s scary. So tonight- Viper has earned her way into the Hall of Fame by teaching some of the boys in the back, that the girls play just as hard.

Then we got the World’s Superior….

Jack- we’ve had more encounters than I care to remember…well… not sure if I really remember them all truthfully. I’ve had my ass handed to me each and every time. I came close in the Ironman… but I didn’t want to have a draw… a draw would mean no closure, and we finally got that Jack. I respect you more than any other because no matter how many times I came down and talked shit- and then backed it up- you were right there to do the same. Countless other stars in the back think they’ve got what it takes to be standing here RIGHT NOW- but they don’t deserve it. Only few people get this honor…and I am proud to say we are both a part of the first induction ever.

But…what I DON’T UNDERSTAND is why the FUCK we have the worst athletes I’ve ever seen- led by a dumb fucking ape- sitting here at ringside like they belong here!!!

The fans begin laughing, while the “Syndicate” is suddenly fuming. Gojinn heads over to the ropes, and leans over, flaunting his belt by handing it towards them, pointing with the hand he’s holding it with.

Do something useful boys, fetch us all some beer because it’s time to celebrate!!

If they were pissed before, they were beyond that now. Gojinn spun around and looked into the camera.

The King hath done it all!

I came here and promised you all gold. I promised you all I’d be standing RIGHT HERE ONE YEAR AGO!


He hops onto the turnbuckle.

I wanna thank each and every fan in the building tonight, because without you, hating me, loving me, cheering me, booing me; I could never have been anymore than a face in the crowd. You helped me become the King. I’m controversial, arrogant, a suicidal daredevil, the creator of the Rundown and Eyes Wide Open- and it’s all because you fans wanted more, and I wanted to give it to you!

I created the Pit of Hell for your enjoyment, and tonight- I have three matches, which I’m going to sweep through JUST FOR YOU!

The cheering is beyond raucous at this point!!

Thank you. Thank you fans of the DWF. Thank you superstars of the DWF- for the challenges, the motivation…everything… Thank you DWF…thank you for the privilege, no…the HONOR of being able to join the Hall of Fame.

Gojinn turns and looks at Candice.

Awkward as it is… you mind if I get a kiss? I mean, I’ve always had kind of a crush on you… and it IS a prestigious award and all…

Gojinn smirked at her, lowering the mic finally.

Posted on Nov 15, 2006, 1:44 PM

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