Now this is a party!

by Damage

Having his hind-quarters brutally assaulted, Damage let out a howl of pain but managed to duck under a huge right hand from Rage.

Coming back up with a stiff kick to the gut, Damage let another one go before grabbing Rage by the ears and slamming him, face-first, into his knee and then the top of the barricade.

Jr: This is getting out of hand! Where is security?!?!
King: Jr, if you were security, would you come out here to stop this?
Jr: King, that is the most sense you've made so far tonight.

As Rage stumbled back, Damage again ran at him with the Silver Bullet again, but Rage sidestepped it, causing Damage to slam into the steel reing steps with a sickening crash.

Jr: Dear God! He could be out cold! Someone get the paramedics out here!
King: Nah, keep 'em in the back! Rage'ss give him a hand!
Jr: Thats what I'm afraid of King!

Posted on Jan 2, 2007, 8:33 AM

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