This has gotten WAAAAAAY outta hand

by Damage


Between shots, Damage let out string after string of obscenities. Rage too was swearing up a storm as Big Joe simply stood there, watching the two garou go to town on eachother.

Just when it seemed Rage had gained the upper hand with a vicious flurry of rights to the temple, Damage jerked his head foreward and caught Rage square in the mouth with a headbutt that sent blood spattering all over both men's faces.

King: C'mon Joe, do something!
Jr: I don't think he needs to King, these men are going at it tooth and nail!

Rage rolled off of Damage and attempted to grab the chair, but was confused when he couldn't lift it. Big Joe hand put one foot on the chair and the other saw swiftly approaching it's target, Rage's face.

In one moment, Rage was going to smash a chair over the skull of Damage, but now he was rolling down the ramp because of Joe's bootprint in his face.

Damage stood and Joe simply looked at him before the garou lunged at the world's champion.

Posted on Jan 3, 2007, 3:28 PM

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