Absolutely nuffin but you're my Private dancer bish so get dancing!

by Viper

Jack worked diligently and as quick as his body would allow him to, to slide the ladder into the ring before sliding in himself. To the side, Viper still lay motionless, her eyes closed in what could be taken unconsciousness and as Jack worked to open the ladder and set it up, he cast glances in her direction, watching her for any movements.

King: "I can't believe after everything Jack and Viper have been through that they're now expected to go through a ladder match!"

J.R: They don't call it the Three stages of hell match for nothing King"

King: "Why does Jack keep looking at Viper? She's out, what can she do?"

J.R: "Alot, Jack hasn't won this yet, It's one to one and Jack is showing a good deal of caution here where Viper is concerned and rightfully so."

The World's Superior knew that Viper could unexpectedly spring to life at any given time and that disturbing knowledge urged him on to work quicker if not turning his blood to ice in the process. The fans were cheering Jack as he made strides and cheered Viper's name in an attempt to rouse the demonic diva from catatonia.

Seemingly out of the woods as he placed a booted foot on one step then another, Jack glanced at Viper one more time then back up and proceeded to climb the ladder, gaining a bit more confidence seeing that Viper was still out, almost appearing dead. But she was far from it, Viper's eyes were the first to open and when they did, they were as black as night. Her lips were the next to move as a unsettling smirk crept over them.
But as Jack got nearly half way up, the crowds reacted as Viper unexpectedly kipped up and began moving towards the ladder like some terminator, quickly picking up speed as she went after Jack!

J.R: "She was playing possum! Viper was letting Jack do all the work while she recovered!"

King: "Genius if you ask me"

And that's exactly what she was in terminator mode and she was after Jack. Nothing was going to stop her from her target and when Jack saw her, his eyes nearly widened as he looked down and saw Viper below him with that predatory smile on her face and climbing up right after him!. The ladder shook as Jack threw kicks in an attempt to knock her down but Viper simply swung around to the other side of the ladder cleanly dodging his attempts and kept right back after him till she was right on the other side of him. The race was on to the top!.

The fans were going ballistic as the two superstars each reached the top of the ladder but neither was about to let the other grab the title and securing their foothold as best they could they began to battle it out with fists, each grabbing the other and slamming the other's head into the metal as best they could.

Jack having a slight height advantage, connected with a succession of combo punches that nearly toppled the cold blooded diva when her hands slid off as she was sent backwards! But as she flailed in the air to the gasps of the fans, she managed to pull herself back and ducking another fist, Viper scrambled up higher and grabbing Jack by the arm, she clotheslined off the top of the ladder but Jack took the ladder down to the mat with him, Viper included!!!

Posted on Jan 6, 2007, 11:32 PM

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