I didn't do anything to you that you wouldn't have done to me, I just did it first :D

by Viper

With Jack out on the ground and seemingly of the way, the fans get behind Viper as she gets the clear shot to the title and she was taking that shot "Whore, bitch, slut, whatever. Soon you'll be calling me the Intercontinental champion" she muttered under her breath.

She hobbled to the ladder and pulled it up, eyeing the title hanging overhead. She was so close and working quickly to set it up, she started up the rungs when she caught Jack moving out of the corner of her eye. "Damn you!" She growled and folding the ladder back up, she turned towards Jack as he rose to his feet and climbed up on the aprononly to have Viper run at him and ram the top of the ladder right into his gut!!

Jack went down like a ton of bricks as Viper pulled the ladder back and with a demonic smile, she turned right around and started to set it up again, stopping once to hold onto it as the brutality of the match is sending surges of pain through her body. Slowly she starts to climb the ladder and looks like she's about to make it when the crowd reacts again when Jack rolls himself into the ring, his body lurching in pain as he starts to enter the ring. Glancing at Jack in disbelief, Viper looks up at the title and then back at Jack. She could take this but Jack's being this close is too much of a risk and the daredevil diva does the only thing she can, she grits her teeth and climbs another rung, getting high enough to dive at Jack with a five star splash!!

The fans hung on the edge of their seats as Viper had launched herself at Jack for a splash but Jack catches her and smashes her into the canvas with with a powerslam!! Winded and exhausted, the world's superior rests on his knees, his body still forcing itself to go beyond the abilities of the human body but Jack has pushed his even further. Meanwhile Viper is on the mat and with her body screaming in pain, she pushes herself backwards using her heels and her hands to try and get to her feet but as she turns over to crawl away, Jack grabs her leg and starts pulling her back! Incensed at the move, Viper starts kicking at Jack, refusing to allow him to get a solid grip on her but Jack's determination keeps his grip cinched on tight, taking a hard kick from her other foot to knock Jack back!

Viper scrambled to her feet as Jack did his and rushed Viper, hitting her with a clothesline that took her over the top rope but she held on and skinned the cat, surprising the World's superior when he turned to climb the ladder and was speared from behind right into it!

Jack was down and Viper was teetering, pushing herself up on one knee and then the other, working her way to her feet and to the ladder.

Viper had no time to spare and quickly ascended the ladder, getting pretty far when Jack climbed up behind her, reaching for her foot and keeping her moving when her foot slipped and Jack was right there to grab it! Viper tried to pull her foot away but the World's superior put all his weight behind it, pulling Viper down towards him! Frantic, Viper clawed at the rungs and pulled herself up only to have Jack grab her foot and ram her knee into one of the rungs! Viper nearly screamed from the pain but gritting her teeth, landed a kick right into Jack's forehead and attempted to climb quicker, her pace slowed and using her upper body to pull herself up.

Jack on the other hand, went around to the other side and raced Viper to the top, reaching the top of the ladder a couple of seconds before the venomous vixen and getting his fingers on the hook. But his lead wouldn't last for long as Viper was up and in a vicious display, lowblowed Jack so hard he nearly fell off the ladder. This was it and Viper grabbed Jack's legs and hooked his arms, racking him over the ladder!

Roaring in pain, Jack writhed and struggled but Viper refused to let go, adding more punishment as she increased the pressure till Jack nearly lost consciousness from the pain!

Finally Viper lets go and reaches for the belt, working quickly to unhinge the hook and take her prize...

Posted on Jan 9, 2007, 8:27 PM

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