Catch & Release

by Damage


With the momentary shock of seeing a balding middle-aged man in a Viper T-Shirt hurtling through the air towards him, Damage narrowley dodged the projectile and looked at Rage in disbelief.

"Your kidding me, right? Your gonna now throw PEOPLE at me?"

Following his sharp wording, Damage grabbed two more fans and whipped them both at Rage. Rage dodged and looked over his shoulder to see a few people get smashed by flying fans.

Using that moment, Damage rushed in and managed to catch Rage with a heavy right hook just as he turned back.

The 7-Footer stumbled slightlty before Damaged grabbed him and Irish whipped him back towards the ring.

Rage gathered his wits just in time, managing to reverse the whip and send Damage speeding towards the guard rail. Without enough time to slow down, Damage ended up slamming into the rail with enough force to send him up and over, landing on his head on the mats outside the ring.

Rage slowly stalked towards the guard rail and grabbed a loose chair as insurance. He peered over the edge and Damage was still lying on the mat, motionless, save breathing.

Posted on Feb 15, 2007, 8:38 PM

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