Good Boys

by Damage

Slamming the ref down HARD, Rage and Damage stood up and looked at each other again. Slowly, the two grinned and walked towards the opposite ends of the ring.

JR: Whats going on here!?! That ref may very well be dead by now!!
King: Oh god JR!! They can't be!!

Both Rage and Damage had a collar in their hands. Slowly, they stalked over to the ref and slapped on the collars. Rage hoisted the unconcious ref up and held him in a standing position as the fans looked on in shock. Ever JR and King were too far gone as to say anything.

Damage took a three-point-stance and charged past the ref, off the ropes, past the ref again and then almost tore through him when he rebounded a second time off the ropes with an absolutley devastating Silver Bullet.

Rage dropped the limp ref and laughed loudly at the crumpled heap of what was once a ref.

Damage had rolled out of the ring, and then re-entered with a mic in his hand.

"Now your probably wondering why Rage and myself just demolished this poor, poor man. You see.... just before the match, I thought it would be a better idea if... instead of me owing him the keg if I lose, we just trash the place and then get hammered!"

Realizing what he meant, the crowd exploded into a frezy and very scared techie rolled a keg down the ramp on a moving dolly. He hoised it into the ring and even brought two cups and tapped it for them. Handing them each a glass of cold brew, The techie smiled and went to leave. Rage's huge hand clamped down on his shoulder.

Rage had already downed the glass and pulled the techie into the center of the ring. Rage slammed the techies head between his legs and looked at the crowd. They knew what was coming. Rage lifted the man up and then slammed him down with explosive power with a Rage Bomb.

Rage got up, picked up his glass and the keg and then walked up the ramp, refilling both Damage's and his own glasses on the way to the back, the fans rabid cheers following them out.

Posted on Feb 18, 2007, 12:08 PM

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