*sigh* And I just wanna be Queen...

by Kalysto

While Astin was still perched on the throne, his little finger still stupidly extended as if he were some dainty tea-drinker while he watched the lumberjacks, he failed to notice that the scepter had moved from its perch, now within the perfectly-manicured hands of the one who stood off to the side.

One who moved swiftly, slamming that adorned scepter over the back of Astin's head just as Nelly's Here Comes the Boom hit the sound system, forcing the Tinman to fall forward and start to roll down the ramp a bit.

Stepping out into the spotlight that had settled on the throne itself, the blonde bombshell known as Kalysto grinned widely as she hoisted the scepter up high in the air. She then climbed up to stand on the seat of the throne itself while grabbing hold of the crown, promptly placing it on her braided hair to signify her desires to win this competition.

The crowd was an explosion of cheers and jeers, each having a favorite for this final match of the King of the Ring tournament, not to mention all the lumberjacks that would be surrounding the ring. The noise only grew louder when the Bad Girl pulled a microphone from the waistband of her jeans, not moving from her stance atop the throne, one foot perched on one arm. “I got a few things to say before I start decimating that piece of shit,” she stated in her sugary-sweet, angelic voice while using the scepter to point at Astin, whom was down by the ring now with Rage beside him, glaring and snarling. “I’m sure there’s more than just Damage that thinks I ‘got lucky’ getting this far in the tournament, but honestly... why the hell are you all so surprised?”

Kalysto drilled her sapphire eyes into the nearest camera lens. “Guess what, Damage? As usual, you opened your mouth before actually knowing a damn thing. Because if you had done your homework, kid, you would’ve known that the Bad Girl was, is, and always will be the true Queen of the Ring. I’ve held more championships than you’ll ever see, I’ve survived hellish matches that you’ll never have the balls to think about, and I’ve beaten competitors that you’ll never be good enough to shine their boots. So quit your crying and whining about losing a match you had no business being in because,” She grinned even wider now, winking toward her tag partner, “it looks like you’ve got a lot more to worry about when Wyldchylde kicks your ass from pillar to post, and gives you a real reason to complain... from a hospital bed.”

She pointed the scepter out toward the crowd, adding, “To the rest of you, I say this... sit back and watch what Fate and Destiny have decreed to be.” Hopping off the throne, she set the scepter and crown back down, heading straight down the ramp toward the recovering Astin, whom had rolled into the ring by then, their eyes locked. “And you, Rick Astin... the Bad Girl is gonna make you scream, and then... you’ll be bowing down to a Queen!”

The blonde threw down the mic, racing the rest of the way to the ring before sliding in, hopping up to immediately beginning a punching exchange with Astin.

Posted on Mar 28, 2007, 4:30 PM

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