Entering the courtyard, or whatever the fuck the gates have been opened to.

by Challenger

The sound and display crew hadn't prepared for the response that they were about to recieve, so there is no music, lighting or video feed that accompanies the one who has accepted the challenge as he walks out from behind the corridors and onto the steel stage, where he is greeted by deafening cheering from the estatic fans. Unfortunately for Rick Astin, the veteran who had accepted his challenge is of a much more dangerous type who like Rick, looks down on everybody who is in his presence and although focused, is looking at him as a lower form right now as his blue eyes stare right at the champion. As seen earlier in the show, he is dressed in black boots, black leather pants, a plain blue shirt and a black leather jacket, with the DWF Undispued Championship held over his right shoulder. He is the top gun of the Darkside Wrestling Federation, the Worlds Superior, Jack E Breaker and he is giving the Aggression Champion a piercing stare, which is something that Rick sends back for a second before shrugging it off and smiling. A cool smile forms on the face of the Worlds Superior as he firmly clutches the microphone in his left hand and begins to make his way down the ramp.

Jack ignores and brushes past the stretched fingers attached to the grubby hands that are attached to the extended arms that are attached to the common bodies of the fans who are desperate to touch the veteran. After everything that he has said about the talent within this company and Rick Astin himself, nobody expected him to come out and answer the challenge and fight a competitor that he believes is a few levels below him, that is if it is actually his intention. The announcers are understandably going titanic over this and are screaming about it like it's some kind of dream fight, although Jack doesn't view it as such. He should really respect Rick Astin, for despite his jokish nature he is actually a former multiple GTWF Undisputed Champion himself, even holding it more times than Jack himself. This doesn't bother impress Jack though because like the DWF, he views the GTWF as a product of a sport that has dumbed down considerably in quality talent and that quite frankly, Rick's title reigns mean absolutely fuck all to him. To Jack, Rick Astin is nothing more than a mediocre talent, a joke and a petty thief who whilst has a certain amount of fame and spotlight, will never end up being anywhere near Jack's calibre even on his lowest days. The funding for such a win is too much to turn down though, is it not?

Jack walks down the aisle to the base of the ring, then climbs up onto the ring apron using the second and third ropes respectively before stepping through them and into the ring. Despite the spiteful, disrespectful remarks Jack has made about the Darkside Wrestling Federation, he has rarely been more popular with the fans who are screaming his name. Too bad he doesn't care as he leans back into the nearest turnbuckle and calmly twists his head from side to side, scanning the arena that is packed with screaming Australian commoners and filthy dregs. Rick looks on at the Undisputed Champion, pacing the ring whilst keeping a cocky smile formed on his face as the Worlds Superior wink's at the Aggression Champion and waits for the crowd to die down and when they do, he raises the microphone to his mouth then speaks into it.

"Ok Rick. I cannot be fucked with talking so I'm gonna get straight to the point. Despite the fact that you are a lower form of opposition, I have decided to accept your challenge and give you the grand honour of being defeated by myself. However just to make it interesting and, well, get an increased paycheck when I defeat you, I am also going to give you the opportunity to win the Undisputed Championship that is on my shoulder. You know that you stand no chance in defeating me Rick but backing out from this fight would be a giant stain on your already comic record, so let's just skip the shit and get to it ok?"

Rick Astin continues to smile at Jack and the Worlds Superior lifts up his Championship Belt and hands it to the referee, who pauses for a second then raises the belt over his head. Jack then takes off his coat and hangs it on the ring post behind him as the bell rings, signalling for the start of the match.

Posted on May 20, 2007, 4:39 PM

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