Surrounded by morons, again...

by Kalysto

Kaly rolled away, avoiding becoming toe jam as Rage grabbed at Limit to bring them both to their feet. Once at a safe point, she was able to get back to her feet as well, she noticed Astin had just taken down the newest entrant, and was looking to cause more trouble. Trying to ignore the pulse of pain flowing down her neck and face, the blonde bombshell climbed atop the front of the Hummer as quick as she could, took a good leap off the hood, and hit Astin with a beautiful dropkick. The two competitors hit the packed earth hard, and Kaly managed to avoid getting stomped on by Damien, who had witnessed the move as he was getting up from putting Gideon on the ground.

Damien tried again to introduce Kaly's face with the bottom of his boot, but she managed to grab his ankle to stop the attack. That, however, only lead to Damien being an easy target for Gideon, who clotheslined him down as if he were only a stalk of corn. Scrambling up to her feet, Kaly only had a slight glimpse of her attacker before she felt herself rammed back into the Hummer's fender via a kick to the midsection. Looking up, Gideon's fist was soaring toward her face, and the blonde woman ducked and rolled toward the side, getting back onto the balls of her feet quickly so that she could hit a superkick to Gideon's jaw as he pivoted around.

The small victory was short-lived as Rage tossed Limit across the clearing. Limit collided into Kaly, taking them both out. Rage stormed toward his prey, thwarted by Undead Enigma, who surprised the Beast of the Outsiders by sweeping his legs out of under him. Enigma moved quick to mount an offense, hammering into Rage's face with hard and heavy fists, then hauled him up to backbody drop him across the nearest vehicle. Astin, having finally gotten a good vantage point from the very top of the Hummer, leaped off and landed on Damien's back after Damien had gotten back upright, locking his arms around the vampire's neck. Damien flailed slightly, trying to figure out just what Astin was trying to do, then did what he thought easiest to dislodge the pest; he slammed Astin back-first into the door of the vehicle they stood beside. Astin didn't release the first time, or the second time, but the third found Astin falling to the ground.

Kaly slammed her fists into Limit's body after having gotten to her knees, then rose up to her feet to try for a leg drop. Limit rolled out of the way just in time, letting a few sharp, pointy rocks do the damage for him. Kaly grimmaced, but was quick to move out of the way, as Limit's foot was dangerously close to hitting her in the temple. But Limit was able to grab a good handful of the woman's hair, dragging her toward his truck, and immediately slamming her face into the bumper, the grill, and the hood. Before he could try again, Kaly buried her elbow in his stomach, then whipped around to land her fist on his nose. She used the bumper as a small springboard to leap at the Limit, taking him down with a huricanrana.

Posted on May 21, 2007, 10:43 AM

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