hey I'm not a moron, I'm a Moose!

by "The Limit" Mathew Williams


Mat skids acrossthe dirt, his body bumping and grazing off the sharp rocks that are strewn across the desolate outback floor. Kalysto moves towards him and aims a kick, but The Welsh Wonder grabs her ankle and twists, taking her off ballance ane crashing to the ground. Mat wastes little time, moving in for the kill and atempting to lock in a triangle hold, , but Kaly manages to wriggle free and the two rise to their feet and begin to circle each other, two warriors locked in combat, as the begin to circle close, the Enigma charges from nowhere and levels them both with a huge double arm clothesline.

Damien had the Tinman lent against the wheel arch of the Hummer, a boot pressed to Rick's throat, choking the life out of The Ruling One, when Gideon levels The hardcore Champ with a Sick chairshot to the back, following up with a shot to the head of Astin, who doesn't apear to be having much luck thus far.

UE lifted Kalysto to her feet and picked her up, bodyslaming her across the chest of The Welsh Wonder, driving the air out of both comeptitors with one movment. However his dominance is short lived as Rage grabs him in a waist lock and picks him up and drops him back with a big German suplex for a two count

Posted on May 21, 2007, 12:23 PM

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