Awww now my feelings are hurt.

by Gideon

Gideon looks at Damien with a big koolaid smile on his face. "It's just you and me ya leach." Gideon Hit Damien in the chest with an open palm and followed that up with a drop kick. The holy warrior then ran on the side of his hummer and jumped of with another kick to the self proclaimed king of vampires but missed as he moved out of the way. Damien then took Gideon down with a monsterous gore. Damien began to stomp on Gideon until the holy warrior grabbed his leg and put him in an ankle lock. Rick went to Hit Gideon witha bat But Gideon moved out the way causing Rick to hit Damien instead

Limit start to slowly get to his feet. Rage then grabbed Limit and suplexed him and then suplexed him again. Rage pulled Limit up by the hair and then wrapped his massive hands around the welsh wonder's throat for a chokeslam. Just as it seemed Rage was gonna have his way with Limit Gideon hit the outsider beast with a roundhouse kick to the back of the neck forcing him to let go of the hold. a ladder was then dropped into the playing field. Both Limit and Gideon grabbed each side of the ladder and slammed it across Rages' head. Gideon looked at Limit and smirked. " Just like old times." Gideon said. Limit then set up the ladder and both men started to climb it. Gideon came down on Rage with the avenging angel from the top of the ladder and Limit followed that up with a senton splash.

UE and Kaly began to stir as the two got to thier feet. Kaly was the first to attack when she hit Enigma with a few thai knees to the gut. She then start throwing a few kicks and Enigma began to block them. This then became a martial arts match as both opponents started attacking and countering each other. UE then decided he had enough with the games and took the Blonde Bombshell off her feet with a clothesline. The Necromancer then went to stomp her face in but she rolled out of the way. Kaly then saw and oppurtunity and tripped UE. She picked up some brass knuckles and as soon as UE got back up she hit him square in the jaw with them.

Posted on May 21, 2007, 1:30 PM

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