More Pain! More Blood! MORE STRIPPIN! And A Reunion??? CAN THIS GET ANY BETTER!

by Damien Death


Damien snarled as he made it to his feet, moving behind the Hum-V to grab a tire iron. A sadistic grin grew as he stalked his chosen target, coming up behind him with a slow pace, allowing his target to get to his feet before he swung for the knees, bashing Gideon in the back of the leg and sending him back down to the mat. Damien continued, bringing the tire iron down across Gideon’s knee cap twice before crushing his ribcage with a hard blow. “Stay down, blood sack.” Damien growled before moving over to another victim. This time however, he made no secret as to who he was going after.

Kalysto was steadily bashing in Undead Enigma‘s skull with metal coated knuckles as Damien moved himself into position. Bracing the tire iron across his forearm, Damien charged in, leveling Kalysto from behind with a forearm shot to the back of the head, followed by a stiff kick to the ribs before turning his attention to Undead Enigma. Grabbing the Necromancer by the collar, pulling him to his feet Damien growled. “”ello luv. Did you miss us?” before drilling Undead Enigma with a head butt, followed by a high knee lift to Enigma’s jaw. “Oh come on now, give us a kiss.”

Enigma spit blood from his mouth before glaring up at Death. A cold smile crossed his lips as the Necromancer launched himself up with a high right hook to the vampire’s jaw, sending Damien stumbing back. Both men grinned at each other as they began engaging in trading blows, a vicious exchange of rights and lefts to the body and the head. It was Damien’s well placed knee though that caused UE to double over, making himself a victim of a DDT. Following up with the tire iron, Damien placed it and his weight onto Enigma’s throat, attempting to choke the necromancer out. “So, How’s things been?”

Posted on May 21, 2007, 4:21 PM

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