Sure it can, I hear there's a barbeque, along with some kegs!

by Undead Enigma

" GHHHACK!" replied Undead Enigma as Damien Death pushed tighter on the heel waiting for those satisfying glowing red eyes to bulge and pop. Beaten senseless by brass knuckles, his head began to swell and for a second Damien could swear that UE was turning a yogurt pink color. That's when UE's arm swung bashing a knuckled fist into Death's ankle, and both hands executed a dragon sweep take down. Enigma snapped to his feet and delivered the Claw of Enigma to Damien's groin!

" All that sweet talk, I think you've been hanging out in leather bars a bit too- OOOF!"

UE caught a stiff kick to the shoulder leaning in too close to the Hardcore Champion,Damien was back to his feet, and the two locked arms falling instinctively back to the basics. UE shifted his body and fell to the floor driving Damien down with a judo style throw. Death slammed hard sliding into Gideon, who took the opportunity and whipped a rear naked choke around Damien's neck.

Enigma fell away from the battle and discovered a Digeredoo. It was a nice weapon, crafted and painted by Aborigines. UE saw Kalysto but then returned his focus on Damien, struggling to escape the choke hold.

" Heh, I wonder how this thing will sound after I break a few ribs with it? "

Enigma taking both hands cracked the Australian musical instrument over and over into Damien's side aiming for the second and third rib just over the lung. By the fourth shot the Digereedoo snapped and half of it bounced away, leaving a deadly jagged edge. UE dropped to his knees and began jabbing the sharpened object in the same place grimacing as he thrust the wooden instrument into Death's side.

Kalysto takes a running jump and rocks UE with an Over Castle snapmare slamming the necromancer hard against the ground. Dizzy, UE is hit again by a follow up strike in the back of the head. Damien rolls free of the rear naked choke by powering Gideon's arms from his throat, and turning his body. Gideon tries to get back to his feet but the battle between Astin and Rage collides into him leaving Damien with three choices. But it is Astin who is thrown aside by Rage just as Gideon makes an European uppercut striking the large wrestler.

Enigma scowls as Kalyso tries to drive another kick into his face, bringing his forearm up to block he catches her leg and whips her off balance. Able to rise, Enigma grapples with Kalysto driving a hard knee into her side setting her up for a T-Bone suplex. Kalysto drives an elbow into UE's grasp but UE executes the move slightly off target releasing her in mid air. Kalysto sails into the back of Damien Death who never saw the flying lady coming at him. The two snap into each other and fall to the ground dazed.

Astin only catches UE's roundhouse kick in the mush trying to recover from Rage's throw. The necromancer has had a few seconds to recover, and notices the tire iron laying there in the dust. Despite being exposed UE goes to pick the weapon up...

Posted on May 21, 2007, 6:34 PM

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