Fuck yea it can! We got pain, blood, strippin and an impalin'!.

by Rage

Meanwhile Rage had spotted a weapon of his own. There stickin' out of the sand was a long handle that looked like it belonged to a sledge and breakin' into a short sprint, the Outsider Beast yanked it from the caked ground and sneered when he found the head of the sledge had broken off. "Fuckers" he growled then arched painfully from a steel chair shot to the back by the Gideon then broke into a sinister grin when he found he could still use it when he pulled the handle forward then shot it backwards using it like a battering ram against Gideon's ribs who had left himself open when he reared back to hit him again!

Gideon doubled over then hit the ground by an overhead swing to the back from the 7 foot monster. For a split second he thinks 'bout goin' for a pin till he spots a risin' Kalysto and a staggerin' Limit.

Rage starts for them when he then sees Astin grab the fallen ladder and spins around, taking out both of his targets. "Damn you!" Rage snarls as he goes after Astin then finds Astin goin' after him like the bull while he plays toreador, dodgin' and dartin' out of the way as Astin attempts to ram him with the ladder.

"You crazy fuck!"


Frank: "!!!!!"

"I'll give you toro"

Finally Astin turns the ladder horizontally and attempts to mow down Rage but Rage raises a big boot and kicks the ladder back into Astin's chest and knocks him to the ground! With Astin layin' beneath the ladder, Rage steps up on it, adding even more punishment to the Tinman as he looks around. Not seein' anyone readily available, Rage steps off and rips the ladder from Astin then walks over to a rock, dragging Astin with him by an arm and drops him to quickly set the ladder across it. .

But as Rage picks Astin up to Last Ride him into the ladder, he sees a catlike Kalysto scramble up the other side of the see saw lookin' ladder and gunning for him. Rage lets out a laugh as he Powerbombs Astin and sents Kalysto airborne launchin' her right into the tops of a cluster of large prickly cactus just feet away!

Rage can't help but burst at the seams as he laughs at the bad girl"Haha looks like i got to poke you afterall darlin'!"

Posted on May 21, 2007, 6:55 PM

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