It's about to get vicious...

by Undead Enigma


The Limit reeled back but Enigma wasn't through. Taking the iron Enigma drove the nut end into William's spine, and hefted him up for a violent back breaker. Slumped over at his feet Undead Enigma went back to Damien Death.

"Choke me will you!"

Enigma quickly wrapped the iron around Death's neck and executed a Camel Clutch sitting back as far as he could waiting for the cry of pain he knew was coming next.

Meanwhile the Kendo stick surplus has turned the battle royal into a sword fight convention, as everyone still standing grabs a bamboo weapon. Gideon swipes at Rage who tries to hack his way through him armed with two sticks, Kalysto does her best Joan of Arc impression while Astin evades leaping over a drunken kangaroo.

The sound of sticks snapping around one another turns the battle into a Kabuki theater of sloppy hack and slash. Rage loses one stick but wallops Gideon in the back with the other. Astin strikes Kaylsto's knee sending her swinging onto her side.

Matthew Williams mouth runs over with blood as he finds a stick of his own. He takes aim and swings for the fences snapping his second kendo stick of the match! Undead Enigma is thrown off of Damien seemingly out cold!

Posted on May 21, 2007, 8:17 PM

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