Bloody hell...

by Kalysto

With Enigma down, Limit turned his attention to Damien, who was still down from the camel clutch, stomping boots into the vampire's body. Rage was back on Gideon, using his kendo stick to the best advantage possible. Astin kept slamming his own weapon against his female opponent, and half expected to take her completely out of the running.

But Kaly wasn't known for giving up so easily, and flung a heavy rock at Astin's planted knee, watching with amusement as the Aggression champ fell over. With his kendo stick within reach, Kaly grabbed it, and returning to her feet gingerly, assaulted Astin with the weapon, wrapping it around his forehead only to see it splinter. Grabbing another stick, Kaly hobbled into the fray between Rage and Gideon.

Gideon had managed to get his own weapon up in time to block the onslaught of Rage's attacks. It was an odd sort of mock sword fight, hindered by the fact that kendo sticks do not make good swords. But with those two easily distracted with one another, Kaly was able to sneak up beside them, kendo stick in hand. Gideon found his stomach on the receiving end of a baseball swing, stumbling and falling onto his stomach. Rage was about to clobber the blonde over the head with his weapon, only to realize she had pivoted and gut-checked him with her shoulder, sending him stumbling backward. Smirking in an odd sort of way, Kaly yanked some of the remaining cactus needles out of her body, advancing on the Outsider. "How's about you get 'poked' now, fuzzball?" she asked, before ducking under a clothesline, turning around to face Rage and stabbing those needles deep in his back.

Meanwhile, Astin was holding his head from the shot from a kendo stick he'd received, and noticed Gideon was moving from his face-first position on the ground. Smirking, Astin waited until Gideon was on his hands and knees before kicking Gideon in the face, making sure his boot laces scraped across Gideon's features. Gideon slumped over, and Astin was quick to capitalize. A short knee drop to the chest was good enough to drive the air out of the Holy Warrior's lungs, and Astin soon took to yanking Gideon up to his feet. Astin whipped Gideon toward one of the vehicles in the area, but his aim was off just a smudge. Gideon ended up careening past the intended vehicle.

On the other side of the fray, Limit lifted a good-sized chunk of hard-packed dirt, intending to slam it down on the prone Damien. He was not as down as Limit had thought, and quickly, Damien swept the feet out of under Mat Williams, chortling as the rocky earth was broken by the Limit's face. Damien managed to get to his feet, glancing first at the still form of Enigma before deciding on which way best to decimate the Limit. He didn't notice the blur that was Gideon coming his way. Gideon had seen where he was headed after Astin whipped him, and he began to charge at Damien, tackling the vampire down with a spear.

Posted on May 21, 2007, 8:57 PM

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