You can say that again cause hell is what i'm bringin.

by Gideon


After Tackling Damien Gideon took out a barbwired bats Gideo then pulled out some gasoline and poured it on the bat ashe lit it on fire with a lighter. Gideon smiled at Damien. "I been hunting vampires for so long that I know every weakness. This is going to hurt alot." Gideon then swung the bat and and Hit Damien on the chest then on the head burning and busting him open at the same time. Damien layed in a pool of his own blood. As soon as Gideon swung the blazing bat again Damien kicked him in his injured knee sending the holy warrior down. He then took the fiery bat and Hit Gideon in the knee again. seeing his opponent down he went to take a swing at Kaly when all of a sudden Astin hit him with a flying elbow causing him to drop the flaming bat.

Astin picked up the bat and started swinging at Damien just missing him. The mighty tinman s wung the bat again only to find it wrapped in chain When he turned to the direction of the chain He saw gIdeon holding the other end Gideon pulled the chain yanking the bat out of his hands. Damien then took the oppurtunity to spear Rick. Gideon picked the bat back up and looked at Damien with evil intentions as he was holding both the flaming bat and the chain.The Dark Savior began swinging both weapons while Damien moved back and dodged. Gideon swung the chain again and managed to wrap it around Damiens' leg. He then pulled the chain causing Damien to fall. Gideon was aqbout to swing with the bat when.....

Posted on May 21, 2007, 9:29 PM

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