I'm bringing cookies...and PAIN

by "The Limit" Mathew Williams


Gideon raised the bat above his head, ready to strike the fallen Damien Death when a hard snap kick to the ribs causes him to stagger and drop his bat. Another soon follows, taking Gideon down to his knees. He looks up as The Limit throws another hard roundhouse to the temple of Gideon, sending him crashing to the hard floor, dazed.

Mathew turns his attention to Damien Death, who apears incapacatated from Gideon's onslaught. Mat goes to lift the fallen Death when he his hit with a fist to the gut that staggers Limit back, giving Damien room to stand to his feet and begin to fire off punches to Mat's face, rocking him backwards towards the pick up. Damien boots The Welsh Wonder in the stomach and lifts him in the air, looking to Cricifix Powerbomb Mat onto the bonnet of the Toyota, looking to crush Mat and possibly end his participation. Mat senses this and begins to struggle, sliding down Damien's back and before his oponent can turn, Dropkicks him in the back, propelling him porward and head first through the drivers' side window, shattering glass and opening a large cut on teh face of Damien Death.

Posted on May 22, 2007, 5:19 AM

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