Well I'm bringing broken bone pie! It's a bit crunchy...

by Undead Enigma

Spitting out the coarse dust of the outback Undead Enigma rolls to his back. How long was he out? Was he eliminated? The creature sat up to realize that he has essentially been forgotten. Damien was getting pummeled by Williams, busted wide open. There was a baseball bat singed and another on fire, while Gideon, Rage, Astin, and Kalysto continued to exchange attacks. But where was the final man in all of this? Could it be that Kane2k hadn't arrived yet? Maybe he chickened out.

Enigma took to his feet and to his surprise found a king snake coiled up near him. The temptation was too great and UE stomped on it's head and took the innocent snake so not to be bitten. Creeping over to the others the necromancer then threw the snake between the four of them and laughed as it was sure to lay it's poisonous fangs on someone.

Picking up a singed bat UE headed for the Humvee and The Limit. If any one was going to put Damien out of this it would be him! Williams turned to see Enigma coming at him with a baseball bat. He stood ready waiting for the creature to make the first move. Matthew ducked UE's first swing at him and landed a left hook jab to UE's abdomen. The bat flew out of Enigma's hands as Williams cradled his head looking for a high impact DDT into the side panel of the Hummer. But Enigma broke free and shoved him hard against the panel which bounced him into position for a death valley driver! Williams body folded like a broken accordion, as the Limit lay in the red dirt stunned.

Death his face a crimson mask, was there waiting for Enigma. As soon as UE turned around he was jolted from the air with a concussion bringing STO! The bloody Damien Death gripped his thick meaty hands around Enigma's throat looking to choke him out, slamming his head hard into the ground, throttling him.

The limit started to stir, turning over into the fetal position. Gathering his senses.

Undead Enigma was losing consciousness, all the blows to the head were taking their toll on him. The necromancer grabbed a hand full of broken glass and sand. Damien could only shield his eyes as a thick cloud of glass shards and rough desert earth flew in his face. UE sat up delivering a upward throat thrust to Death freeing him from the mount. Taking a second to recover UE then fell back on Damien forcing him to the ground while locking his arm into a bone breaking key lock submission!

The king snake now found itself in the center of four very aggressive wrestlers, their feet coming toward it, it prepared to defend itself...

Posted on May 22, 2007, 11:52 AM

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