traffic is the least of your problems

by "The Limit" Mathew Williams


With K2K down, recieving a 3 cane beating, The Limit serveys his suroundings, wiping the blood from his mouth Mat picks his next target - Rick Astin, the Mighty Tinman, the most abused man in the match thus far. The Welsh Wonder looks around, hoping to find a weapon he can use when his eye catches a broken pannel on Gideon's Hummer. Part of the body work had come loose from the bodies that had beed slammed, smashed and rammed into it. Mathew moves across and grabs the loose corner and using all of his strength rips the section loose and hols it in his hands as he aproaches Astin, who was crouched by the Toyota, catching his breath after the beating he had taken when WHAM, The Limit brings the heavy metal steel down on the head of Astin, sending him tumbling across the hard red floor.

Astin holds his head as he rocks in pain as The Limit goes to bring the sheet down once again. Astin regains his senses just in time to roll to the side and avoid another shot, scrambling to his feet Astin fires a hard right hand to the side of mat's face as he struggles to lift the pannel back up. Mat drops the metal as another right rocks his cranium. Astin hooks Mathew's arm over his shoulder and lifts him into the air, drilling The Unbreakable with a brainbuster onto the steet of steel he had introduced, compressing the neck of mat and crushing his already battered skull more.

Across the area, Kalysto and Rage have broken away from damien, Kane and UE and are exchanging right hand shots, rocking each other back before Rage blocks a shot and wraps his large hands round the blonde's throat and lifts her up for a Choke bomb onto a pile of rocks.

Posted on May 22, 2007, 1:44 PM

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