Heh, ya know, that makes sense...

by Kalysto

While Astin was dealing with a sudden fish smacking, Rage was hammering on Limit, Gideon and Kane2000 were trying to best one another by countering and recountering, and a bit further from them, Enigma had gotten back to his feet in time to stop the kick coming at his face from Kalysto.

Kaly tried to yank her ankle out of Enigma's grip, but he wasn't about to let go, so she did what came natural. She leapt off her planted leg and hit an enziguri on the side of Enigma's skull. With that one down to a knee, the blonde woman scrambled back up to her feet to take advantage, grabbing one of the last unbroken kendo sticks as she did. Immediately, she placed the weapon across Enigma's throat, and with her knee in the middle of his spine, she torqued back as hard as she could, trying to choke him out.

Gideon was able to turn the one-upsmanship in his favor by kicking at Kane's knees. He shot an uppercut into the latest arrival's jaw, sending him stumbling back. Gideon then shot toward him for a follow-up, but Kane was the fresher man, and was able to dodge the spear attempt, turning to grab Gideon, hoisting him up and taking him down with an inverted atomic drop.

Astin put his arms up to block the continuing fish slapping courtesy of Damien Death and his... friend... Honky. Frank was rather amused by this, and kept quipping about it to Astin. Annoyed, Astin blocked another oncoming slap from Death's friend, grabbing it and yanking it out of the vampire's hands. Astin then turned the assault around, whacking it across Death's face in retaliation.

Limit had finally managed to get some shots in on Rage, ducking under a hook coming his way. Pivoting, he kicked Rage in the stomach as the Beast turned toward him, and laid him out on the ground with a DDT. Limit kicked Rage over onto his back, and went for a cover.



Rage shot an arm up, but that wasn't all. Kane had ventured toward them, and kicked Limit in the side of the head to disrupt the count as well. He grabbed Limit by the throat, raising him off the ground, but Limit was quick to struggle, kicking Kane in the lower abdomen, where things start getting tender. Aggrivated and in pain, Kane tossed Limit away...

Right into the smacking going on between Astin and Death. Limit hit Death, sending them both toppling to the ground. Astin laughed at their misfortune, and found himself suddenly picked up by Kane, who had stormed over to retrieve his choosen target for the moment. Astin was in the way, of course, and so Kane threw him across the clearing.

Astin smacked into Enigma and Kaly, saving the Necromancer from submitting or passing out. Crawling out from under the two men that were laid out on top of her legs, Kaly merely got on her knees and began swinging the kendo stick. It landed on both men, mostly Astin since he was the one on top, and that lasted only until Enigma shot a hand out, grabbed hold of her nearest ankle and yanked her leg out from under her.

Posted on May 22, 2007, 8:50 PM

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