Time for another weapon drop...

by Undead Enigma

Taking a standing leg lock on Kalysto, Undead Enigma heard the whipping noise of a Blackhawk helicopter. The wooden crate dropped at an angle spiking the ground as it rolled on it's side. There, it simply waited to be opened. The prospect of more weapons was enough for the necromancer to change tactics and grip both legs of Kalysto. Then simply vaulting back he tossed her over him with a slingshot maneuver. Kalysto grunted as she slid into the dirt rolling to her stomach. The throw landed like a belly flop and she felt a rush of wind leave her body.

Astin also noticed the drop and had moved to the box first. Staying hidden from anyone else he waited, needling his way to take his pick of the contents. Enigma gripped the opposite side of the crate attempting to pry the lid off from his side. Both men worked on the box and then Enigma heard the sound of wood splintering and realized he wasn't alone. Astin had first crack at the weapons, and quickly forced his way into the large crate. What kind of sick twisted drop was this? Tables?

At this point in the match getting put through a table could be an elimination, but man that would take alot of work. Enigma charged in grabbing Astin from behind, but Astin's body was racked with adrenaline and reacted instantly at the static of UE's grip. Astin dropped holding UE's head in for a nasty jaw breaker, forcing the necromancer backward. Astin grabbed the first of twelve tables and rammed it into Enigma's face keeping the creature down. Perhaps this wouldn't be so hard after all.

Kane now moved toward the box but Kalysto wrapped her legs around his thick feet taking him down. She drove her thumbs deep into the fresher man's eyes hoping to drive him down a few miles in the peg department. Kane roared and leapt free of the ground attack, knocking Kalysto off balance. But, Kalysto was determined and followed up with a scissor style kick to the nape of Kane's neck. Kane slammed to the ground with a deep groan, perhaps surprised by the educated feet of his opponent.

Eager to get a weapon of her own Kalysto moved toward the drop site. At the same time a battered Williams saw her heading for the crate. It would be a wounded horse race, but the Limit managed to hop and land a bulldog on Kalysto her momentum sending her to the ground and popping Williams against the crate for a quick stop. This could have been a mistake though as the glint of Kane 2000 shined his way. The massive shadow of Rage was rising as well, as it seemed the the weapons drop was going to become ground zero.

Meanwhile Astin had set up one of the tables. He was tired and began to drag Enigma by his feet until he could get him up for a power move. Chaos sounded as there was a slight tremor jolt as Kane's fist struck the crate aiming for Williams, who ducked clear of it. He had to move fast, Astin grabbed Enigma by the hair and hoisted him up for a suplex into the table. UE began to fight at upside down and the maneuver started to topple towards the right. Astin switched gears and dropped UE with a reverse suplex onto his stomach, going for punishing boots to his lower back.

Rage went right for Kane2k As the Limit juked and jabbed trying to avoid the big man's power. Grabbing Kane in a single nelson, Rage twisted and slammed the creature against the earth, sending a plume of red dust into the air. The Limit grabbed a nailed section of crate that had fallen away from the box and cracked Rage over the head with it, just missing spiking him with a jagged nail. Now the structure of the box was feeble at best and had several holes falling visible.

Enigma rolled to his back and struck Astin with the side of his heel. Kane rose like a titan throttling Rage and powering him into a grapple which shook the weakened crate structure. The box began to buckle and slide apart. Now everyone could see the eleven tables spread out like a deck of mis shuffled cards, as well as Astin and Enigma battling to put each other through a table!

Posted on May 23, 2007, 12:39 AM

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