Well.... looks like we have ourselves a tables war!!!

by Kane2000

Astin and UE are continuing to battle away, whilst Kaylsto and Williams looked to engage in a kendo stick duel!! Damien and Rage looked to double team Gideon and then Kane decided to do something and grabbed himself another kendo stick. Next thing you know, two wacks were used! One for Damien and one for Rage. Kane2K then pulled Gideon up and looked at him and nodded!! He then threw a kendo stick towards Gideon, which he picked up in acknoledgment! Now, the fun begins. Kane started to use the stick on Damien and Gideon started on Rage! Not before long, they traded places and looked to beat two of their opponents black and blue!

UE and Astin still looked to try and attempt to put each other through a table and then, they got double clotheslined by Willams and Kaylsto. Kane2K then saw this opportunity to grab Williams round the throat and lifted him high into the air, crash!!!! RIGHT THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!!

Kane2K then lifted his arms into the air as if to salute the devistation of this match and suddenly, Gideon applied a chop block onto his leg with a broken bit of table. Using his initiative, Gideo leapt up, grabbed Kane by the head and DDT'd him to the ground.

Cover: 1...2...no!!!! Kane2K powered out. He then tried to get up, only to be met by a leg drop from Gideon. Gideon then applied an arm bar, Damien then grabbed the other arm and did exactely the same thing. UE grabbed one leg and Rage grabbed another and Kane had the undubious honor of being hit with a 4-submission web! Kane2000 was not feeling too good with the situation he is in! Kaylsto and Williams then stomped away at Kanes torso and Astin applied a leg drop onto Kane2K as the behemoth was on the receiving end of a 7-on-1 assault!

Kane still refused to tap out as he wants this badly!!!! But the pain was excruciating for him to take. With the use of his brains, he then decided to shoot a laser from his eyes, which then struck a coconut from one of the trees and it struck Gideon on the head, surprisingly without breaking the coconut. This freed one of his arms as Gideon was feeling a little dizzy. Grabbing the coconut, Kane threw it at the head of Damien, knocking him down to the ground. He then grabbed Rage and knocked him with the coconut and then it was left with UE. With any strength left in him, Kane2K started kicking UE in the head, but he wouldn't budge.

Then all seven people then decided to pile up and pound away before he could fight back, then with all the anger brewing inside him and all this happening right before him, Kane threw them off with one push. He then collapsed to the floor, anything he'd do now would mainly be based on pure instinct!!!! He then crawled over towards a tree and tried to pull himself up. As soon as he got himself up, all seven others got up and all of them grabbed kendo sticks!!!

Kane then grabbed his trusty one and grinned as he looked round, all the others had that same idea and then in one movement, all eight charged towards the centre of the outback and you know what happens next.........

Posted on May 23, 2007, 2:09 AM

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