Wow, I lose the net for two days and ya guys run on ahead on me! DAMN YOU ALL

by Damien Death

Damien snarled as he bent down, giving up Honky The Wonder Fish momentarily for one of Kane2K's discarded steel kendo sticks. Wrapping his hand around the handle, Damien slowly got up, everything appearing in shades of red as he turned and swung, driving the kendo stick into Limit's skull. With a snarl, he blasted Limit again before he felt someone grab his shoulder. Spinning wildly, Damien connected with a steel kendo stick shot into Gideon's ribs. Damien chuckled as he began raining blows down onto Gideon's forehead, returning the favor of the crimson mask by busting the holy warrior open himself. It was then that he saw it: The still flaming bat. Damien snickered as he dropped the kendo stick to retrieve the burning device, only to turn back to Gideon.

"There is a funny thing about these so called weaknesses that you speak of so much. One, I ain't your average vampire. And as with all weaknesses, it boils down to mind over matter. I don't mind..." As Gideon was getting up, he got sent back down with a swing into the ribs, the barbed wire cutting nice gashes in his shirt while the flames caused him to roll in agony to put the flames out..."... and YOU don't matter." Damien brought the bat down once more, this time across Gideon's back before turning back around. Slowly, Damien began unwinding the barbed wire from the no longer burning bat and began instead wrapping a length of it around his forearm. Damien snarled as he dove back onto Gideon, wildly hammering and grinding his forearm into Gideon's forehead before another idea came to him.

Enigma and Rage were busy singling one another out with Kendo shots and Enigma was seeming to be getting the better of Rage in the exchange until a piece of barbed wire found its way around his throat. A sudden pull backwards sent Enigma flat on his back, which gave Rage the cue to take the kendo stick to Enigma's torso while his assistant Damien Death began winding the barbed wire around Enigma's throat, attempting to choke him.

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