You should be nicer. Otherwise you will wake up on a ventilator.

by Damien Death

Damien stood watching as the ref continued counting out Cerberus before making his way casually over to the time keepers table. Reaching into his pocket, he removed a card with a smile, passed it over to Lillian, and told the ring announcer to read it out loud. Lillian glanced down at the card, somewhat confused, but began to read.

“May I have your attention please? By the order of the Aggression General Manager, John Marlow, this match has just been ordered to be held under Extreme Rules: Meaning no countouts, no disqualifications, and the victory must be met in the ring. Additionally due to the gross incompetence of the referee of this match, he is hereby replaced. That new referee is making his way out now.”

Jack glared down at Damien, then turned his attention to Cerberus, climbing out to begin going back to work on his opponent as the current ref walked over to Damien, demanding answers for his replacement. Damien simply shrugged with a smile before grabbing the ref by the hair and spewing a mist of acidic blood into the ref’s eyes. Medics ran down as the ref dropped to his knees squealing in pain. Damien simply smiled into the crowd and shrugged before casually removing his gloves, then his coat to reveal a DWF Referee shirt. The fans erupted in cheers as Damien held his finger up into a “shhhhh” motion before getting back on the mic. “Gentlemen, Bring ‘em on out. Angelica! Back to cheering!”

While Jack was doing a good job of concentrating on Cerberus, connecting with a series of knees to his challenger’s skull and Viper was getting back to her feet, the fans erupted once again in cheers as Angelica was doing a good job of getting the crowd whipped into a frenzy once again. Three spotlights lit up, focusiong on three men who began to walk through the crowd. Rage, Nobody, and Crymzon Payne were busily handing out signs to the smiling Jack Breaker fans which had such endearing notes scribbled on them reading: “Jack’s A Wanker!” “I’M JACK’S BABY DADDY” and the fan favorite “Jack and Damien: Friends Forever” among others.

Damien turned his attention back to the match just in time for Jack to get to his feet and look for the ref, only to turn and meet Damien’s gaze. Damien shrugged, pointed to his shirt and swore to Jack that he would call the match right down the middle. Jack was obviously fuming but turned to go back to work on Cerberus, only to be met by a superkick from Viper. Damien half heartedly got on to Viper, pointing to his shirt and then to Jack and Cerb, telling her she could not get involved. Viper grumbled before getting in Damien’s face, reminding him of the rule change. Damien brought up his hand to counter, but stopped and shrugged before stepping to the side and allowing Viper to continue. Jack was up on one knee as Viper curtseyed to Damien before Jumping onto his back, digging her nails into his eyes!

JR: This is a travesty By GOD! A TRAVESTY!

King: … I don’t think Angelica is wearing any underwear…

JR: Will you get your head out of the clouds King!

King: Clouds Nuffin! My head is up there! WOOHOO!!!!!

Posted on Oct 5, 2007, 5:56 PM

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