Yeah! Or I go Ike Turner on your bish ass!

by Viper

The fans continued to cheer and scream as Viper's rage exploded all over Jack. With the hate welling from the very core of her being, Viper wrapped around Jack and continued to viciously rake his eyes causing the world's superior to bang into the side of the apron then against the barrier like a pinball in a pinball machine trying to crush Viper. Viper winced and grit her teeth but she held on, refusing to let go!

King: "Woohooo!!!! Go VIPER!!! Cerberus and Viper for 08!!"

J.R: "You're enjoying this aren't you?"

King: "Hell yeah!!!"

Jack couldn't see, he could only feel as Viper clawed at his eyes and slugged away at his head with her fist! The champ couldn't fling her off as she only dug her claws in deeper when he tried! Jack could barely stand straight and in an effort to remain on his feet, he slammed back against the apron to get her off, but predicting this, Viper jumped up and onto her bottom while still keeping her hold on Jack!

Adding more punishment for yet another attempt of this bully to hurt her, Viper pulled his neck back while slamming her fist brutally into his chest with heart punches to punctuate her anger at his cruel and unjust mistreatment of her.











Jack was beside himself as Viper wouldnt relent and finally in a move that could only come out of desperation when Viper went back after his eyes, Jack grabbed her by the legs and after pulling her from the apron, attempted to throw himself backfirst to the floor! But Viper saw it coming and in a display of pure athleticism, managed to press down on Jack's shoulders and leapfrog over the champ!

J.R: "Wow! Just when you think you've got her, she pulls a houdini!"

King: "What a coincidence, that's what i call my.."

J.R: interrupting "Cause its hard to see him?"

King: "HEY!"

Jack kept himself from going down and after rubbing his sore eyes, leveled his gaze when he caught sight of Viper backing away seemingly in retreat except for the challenge dancing in her eyes. Narrowing his eyes at the feral femme, Jack started to stalk Viper who continued to backpeddle quicker from the now enraged world's superior.

J.R: "Now she's done it, Viper has pushed Jack too far!"


Finally Viper broke into a sprint with Jack in hot pursuit! Meanwhile Referee Damien followed the duo from the inside, threatening to give them a speeding ticket if they didnt slow down. Viper rounded one corner and then headed for another, picking up speed as Jack gained, that was until Viper rounded the next corner and quickly rolled into the ring while Jack was practically decapitated by a hellacious running clothesline from Cerberus!

J.R: "Viper was baiting Jack! That Jezebel was baiting Jack all along!"

King: "Hahaha you've said it youself, she's not one of the most dangerous superstars for nothing!"

Jack went down like a ton of bricks and adding insult to injury, Viper dropped back down and proceeded to 'help' a dazed Jack back up to his shaky feet. Backing away, Viper formed a box with her hands centering Jack as a sculptor or photographer would do with it's subject.

Cerberus gave Viper a look and returning the look, the pair shrugged and leveled Jack with double ensigouris!

Posted on Oct 5, 2007, 7:02 PM

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