indeed, lets get this shindig started properly

by The New Prophecy


Damien runs over to Kane and performs a hesitation dropkick to send him back to the mat. Van Halen jumps to the top of the turnbuckle and as Damien turns around and gets sent to the mat with a headscissors take down. Van Halen rolls out against the cage and moves over to the turnbuckle, in time for Kane2000 to tag Van Halen in. He runs against the ropes and performs a diving punch to his head. He goes for the cover, and gains leverage from the ropes. 1...2...kick out. Van Halen gets to his feet and complains to the referee, but Damien is able to get up and perform a low blow to Van Halen which sends him to the mat. Damien goes for a figure four leglock and its clear from the expression on his face that Van Halen is struggling to fight against the hold.

Van Halen reaches out for the ropes, but Viper runs over and drops her knee to Van Halen's face. She goes back over to her corner as Damien moves from the figure four to a small package and attempts to pin Van Halen to the mat. 1...2...shoulder up. Van Halen sends a knee upwards and sends it into Damien's midriff which makes him roll over. Both competitors crawl towards their respective corners and make the tag at the same time. Viper and Kane2000 run at one another, and are brought to the mat with a double clothesline.

Both competitors slowly get to their feet and they stagger back towards each other, before locking up and trade punches. Kane2000 seems to be gaining the advantage, but Viper sends the monster to the mat with a side russian legsweep. Viper goes for the cover. 1...2...kick out.

(ooc: hope you don't mind me only doing a small post, but as the aim is to get the match done by Friday it makes life easier)

Posted on Jul 15, 2009, 8:22 AM

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