Ruck Fules!

by Damien Death (nWo)


Damien stood in the corner, regaining his senses as he watched Viper peel Kane2000 from the mat. Throwing her opponent into the ropes, Viper connected with a standing dropkick to the chin, sending the big man stasggering back to fall against the ropes. Damien moved over, grabbing Kane2k while Viper distracted the ref, and drove the back of the challengers head into the steel cage wall. Damien moved back to his corner before the ref turned around, as Viper ran in, connecting with another dropkick to the now seated Kane2k before tagging Damien into the ring.

Damien moved into the ring, hooking Kane2K's lregs in his arms before falling back, hitting a slingshot across the middle rope to his opponent's throat. Damien went for a pin, only scoring a two count before the challenger kicked out. Damien went to pull Kane2K up to his feet, but the Challenger gripped the back of Damien's head and dropped to his knees, sending the champion rocking back against the ropes. As Damien Staggered to get back to his feet, Kane2k wasted no time in making a tag to his partner, bringing in Vanhalen.

VanHalen charged in, hitting Damien with a forearm to the chest, followed by another stiff blow to the jaw before moving to Irish whip Damien into the ropes, missing the blind tag Viper made. The vixen perched in the corner as VanHalen attempted a clothesline, which Damien sidestepped, connecting with a dropkick to the knee before Viper launched herself through the air, connecting with a top rope neck breaker.

Posted on Jul 15, 2009, 6:59 PM

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